Stanford’s iPhone Course: The Million Dollar Branding Campaign

Stanford's iPhone Application Programming Course Online
Stanford’s iPhone Application Programming Course Online

1 Million iPhone Application Course Downloads…

It was announced yesterday that Stanford’s iPhone Application Programming courses have been downloaded over 1 million times on Apple’s iTunes University. Stanford University’s move to allow anyone with access to iTunes to download a high-quality video of their iPhone Application Programming course was obviously not a move to convince people to apply to Stanford. It is part of a university’s value to provide greater value to the world at large. However, it was also very successful branding campaign to associate Stanford with the cutting edge and sexiness that is the iPhone.

…That’s 1 Million Brand Engagements

As a marketer, I consider each iPhone course download a branding engagement event. Those one million people are not only aware of Stanford’s iPhone courses, they are actively engaging the Stanford plan by downloading the videos. How much would you pay for 1 million people to actively interact with your brand (in this case a +300mb video file)?

And at least $1 Million Dollars of Branding Engagement

If you just put a value of $1 per brand engagement, you’re already saying that Stanford gained at least one million dollars worth of brand engagement by leveraging a very cheap form of social media (recording classes to post online). Of course, this is not counting the millions who are aware about Stanford’s iPhone courses online, but did not download it.

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