Branding on Twitter: Agency v. Employees


Last week, I decided to review the number of followers an official agency twitter account had versus some of their high-profile employees. For most Social Media Practitioners, the results I found were not surprising: More people followed the individual behind the Agency name, rather than the official Agency presence themselves.

But rather this data go to waste, I figure I share some of it with you…

A look at 360i, iCrossing, and SEOmoz and their high-profile team members.

360i David Berkowitz
Dir., Emerging Media
682 following 1,645 following
3,061 followers 7,637 followers
iCrossing Alisa Leonard-Hansen
Social Media Strategist
347 following 672 following
719 followers 2,663 followers
SEOmoz Rand Fishkin
26 following 672 following
7,138 followers 9,778 followers


How Does This Apply To Your Company?

If you have a consumer facing company (B2C) or are focusing on Twitter for customer support (like ComcastCares), a strong twitter-based brand is needed on Twitter for instant recognizability by current/potential customers on Twitter. But, if you’re looking at thought leadership and building B2B connections, you need to have strong people communicating and engaging with your industry colleagues on Twitter.

There will be companies that will be reluctant to throw their weight on thought-leaders representing the brand versus an official brand twitter account. What happens when the person says something inappropriate? Do they have to clear everything with legal? What if the person leaves?

It is all a matter of priorities and appropriateness. If you want your agency to be seen as a thought leader and build relationships with others, this is best communicated through the brightest and energetic minds at your company. If your agency values consistency of a message over creative energy, then stick with your account.



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