Quick Post: Mobile Video Sharing and the Mobile SF New Tech Meetup

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MyWaves Web Interface
MyWave’s iTune-ish Interface for their Mobile Video Sharing Service

Taking a Look at mywaves: A YouTube/iTunes on Your Mobile?

This week I attended presentation on new mobile technology at SF New Tech Meetup, organized by Myles Weissleder and Joel Sacks. There were several mobile technology starts-up presenting: ComVu, mywaves, Pinger, Zypsy, and Veeker. You can read a full description here. It was a very interesting event with very interesting companies presenting with VCs and other mobile tech companies in the audience.

But this post will focus on mywaves, a very interesting company bringing video sharing to mobile phones, letting folks transform video podcasts/mobile videos into mobile video channels with sharing and editing capabilities.
What is mywaves

mywaves is a very young company with a public launch in December last year, yet has a very mature and well-developed interface and with over 17,000 channels of content.

mywaves Capabilities

  • YouTube-ish & iTunes-ish in approach:
    Like YouTube user to upload videos and let mywaves figure out the proper video encoding process, and like iTunes you can subscribe to channels easily.
  • Users can create a “channel” by uploading their own videos (from mobile or PC) or via RSS feeds.
  • Has basic video-editing, allowing you to add pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls. This allows users to make their own ad-system for their videos or their video channels.
  • The web-based interface, Lounge, has a very clean iTunes feel
  • No mobile software is required for viewing videos (though there are phone compatibility limitations)
  • Currently ~17,000 channels are featured, but more can be added easily via RSS or simply uploading videos to a new channel

Business/Marketing Opportunities

  • Online video content provides can shift their videos into mobile, quickly and easily
  • Like with YouTube, create sponsored channels for promoting mobile video videos
  • Video owner’s control over pre-role, mid-role and post-role function allows quick path to monetization, assuming large amount of subscribe – and that pre/post rolls work :)
  • Integrated “Three Screen” Campaigns: TV Screen, Computer Screen and Mobile Screen.
  • Become an early entrant into the Mobile Video Viral marketing, with buzz potentially moving far faster than web-based videos like YouTube

While this is a young market and the mobile market is not quite “Mobile 2.0″ despite the buzz, it is interesting to imagine how fast mobile viral videos could spread compared to web videos. People have their phones on them all time.

There are still kinks to work out for sure. When signing-up, I encountered some strange issues and I still have difficulty getting my Blackberry Pearl 8100 working with mywaves properly. However, mywaves looks an ambitious company and one to look out for.
Note: This postings are based on the SF New Tech Meetup notes I have taken. If any of this is inaccurate or should be take down, please shoot me an email and let me know.

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  1. We are just now offering something similar but different in movy.tv…www.movy.tv

    We also support corporate and broadcasters “portals”, live feeds and the main media interface is more YouTube-like.
    We convert the uploaded video/audio into something viewable on the site and also transcode into mobile formats.

    We have our own network-independent transmission model and codec/decoder player which is either an easy to download midlet or a C-player for windows & palm pdas.

    We also support the Blackberry.

    More information can be found in the How-to & Info documents on http://www.movy.tv