Weekend Quickie Links Post (01-07-2006)

Quick Weekend Reading Post (Update 01)

Just added: Check out Foreign Policy (Jan/Feb06) on “China Rising” with contribution from Zbigniew Brzezinski, John J. Mearsheimer, Minxin Pei and the like. Definately worth the lengthy read.

Victor Davis Hanson’ s “
http://www.nationalreview.com/hanson/hanson200601060804.asp” target=”_blank”>A Letter to the Europeans
” – A nice “State of Europe” piece by the ever controversial VDH.

Dan tdaxp: “Good News from Iraq” – Excellent argument for the dividing of Iraq in the context of Thomas Barnett’s Core-Gap perspective.

Dan tdaxp: “Mother’s MILC and the Department of the MISCellaneous” – Highlighting events in South Korea, China and elsewhere, Dan puts forward the the need for a “Military-Industrial-Leviathan-Complex” all within the context of Thomas Barnett’s “Reverse Domino Theory”.

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  1. Dan Tdaxp

    StrategyUnit: This is a direct posting of Dan’s comment, which were emailed as the “comments” feature was down.
    Thanks for the links!

    We are lucky to already have MILC – the “greedy” Congressmen that Barnett sometimes criticizes are part of it. The MILC eats up a lot of money, but is very useful as a hedge against China. Democracy, capitalism, institutions, and nuclear weapons may not be enough to keep peace. But China’s knowledge that we can sink their fleet at will might.

    What we need to build, almost from the group up, is a Military-Industrial-SysAdmin-Complex. We need a system we can use in countries like Iraq, using the Army/Marines as the Core, but leveraging Private Military Companies and local militias, too.

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