Beware the Social Media Kool Aid

Beware of This:

The social media gurus bang on about the stupidity of advertising but really it is a criticism of media

Possible Solution:

Creative agencies must free themselves from media - they are content creation companies

Inspired by the Content 2.0 conference attended in June, Richard of Adliterate created a “Brands and 2.0” presentation, listing 24 succinct observations on the interaction between social media and brands.

While embracing the “markets are conversation” concept, Richard understands its limits. Its important to drinking too much of the “kool aid”, as many are seemingly jumping on the “social media” bandwagon as the “next big thing” forgetting that, as the slide states below:

Brands only have a role if they can make the conversation more interesting

It it the role of the agencies – be it creative, pr or marketing – to make the “Content” that makes the conversation more interesting. But can companies risk making such kind of “content” when they have less control over the medium or even how customers publicly – through blogs, UGC-sites etc – “converse” back to company and the brand?







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