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I’ve been riding the wacky Internet rollercoaster since 1997. That was back in the days when PointCast was hailed by Wired Magazine,”Kiss your browser goodbye: The radical future of media beyond the Web“, and “The Spot” was a “hip” online TV series before its time.

And now I’m finally dipping into the Blogosphere (a little late I know), marking my own little corner on the Internet.

What is Emergence Media About

Emergence Media seeks to focus on the evolving PR and Marketing Landscape as it pertains to the ever changing Internet. However, with my experience and career in SEO and Analytics, my articles will probably be biased towards these areas.

The name “Emergence Media” is an acknowledgement of:

  1. The unfolding nature of the Internet as a meta “media platform”, from the days when “Content is King” to the current era of “Social Media” and “Conversational Marketing” and beyond.
  2. The emergence of a new form of “customer relationship activity” brought on by the blurring of PR and marketing – at least online.
  3. The fact that the World Wide Web (what most people take as being the entire Internet) is a system manifesting “emergent properties“.

An Open Policy

I am open to experienced professionals in the Internet-space, especially marketing and PR, to guest blog on this site. Some of us may have great ideas, want to push them out, but may not have the time to start a blog. I hope Emergence Media can help be an available medium for such folks.






3 responses to “Emergence Media Begins”

  1. John Andrews Avatar

    Hi Daniel “R.” I appreciate that you want to bridge SEO and PR. That’s an interesting area, and one I am slowly exploring. I wonder if PR has the energy to keep up with SEO.

  2. Anitha Avatar

    If i click on any of the category links, it just takes me to the same page: http://www.emergence-media.com/category/agency-life/. Shouldn’t the category links be like keywords that i click and reach article related to only those specific keywords?

  3. indicizzazione seo Avatar

    would you let other people contribute to your emergence media site?

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