Higher Blog Adoption Among Fortune 500 v. SmallBiz


Via Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion, eMarketer released a report stating that only 1.5% of the 200 companies on Forbes’ “Best Small Company” list have a blog, compared to 5.8% of the Fortune 500.

Quick Analysis

While eMarketer’s statistics are interesting, there are two issues to consider:

  1. Resource-wise, larger companies can afford to blog, while smaller businesses are pushed for resources and may feel that resources spent on traditional advertising and marketing is more effective than blogging.
  2. What the excerpt of this eMarketer report fails to states is if these large corp. blogs are genuinely embracing blogging with honesty, openness and transparency, or are they just hyped versions of press releases?



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One response to “Higher Blog Adoption Among Fortune 500 v. SmallBiz”

  1. James Belcher Avatar

    Good points. Regarding your first point, the flipside is that small firms typically don’t have as many hoops to jump through to get approval on something, which one would think would make blogging easier for small companies. Yet they *still* don’t blog. To me, that emphasizes that not every company *needs* to blog.

    Your second point is especially good. Consider also how many persoal blogs go fallow within six months. For companies, there were fewer than 30 of the Fortune 500 with any sort of blog, so divvying them up into honest/direct vs. corporate-speak blogs at this point might not be so informative. But yeah, the challenge is to get CEOs talking like real human beings when blogging. If they can’t, it’s better not to try to force it.

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