SEO Services and Components – An SEO Mindmap

SEO Services and Components - a Mind Map

SEO Mindmap: Introduction

In trying to put together what I felt are the chief components of SEO, I’ve composed this mindmap above. Here’s the Mindmap File, mindmap reader or PDF version. Feel free to add to add to the mindmap, just link back to me and let me know what I’m missing.

As mentioned in an earlier posting (SEO Project Management), SEO has grown and broaden far more than what it used to be. SEO Consultants now talk to PR teams, WOM folks, copywriters and think about brand management, usability, analytics, buzz/link building etc.

Learning from the Mindmap

For all those looking to do SEO – be it SEO consultants to companies that look for them – need to stop and think what they want out of their SEO and if they have the resources and partnerships to execute it.

Do you need word of mouth? How about corporate blog marketing? If yes, do you have the internal resources or external partnerships? But on top of all that, you need to remind yourself that WOM, blog marketing supports SEO – but its not SEO in itself.







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  1. Sulakshana Gopal Avatar
    Sulakshana Gopal

    This is interesting. As I understand it, your mindscape focuses on variables as dependancies rather than overlaps.

    If you had to scape interactive channels arround search engine optimization to show overlaps, it would be a topography that would help as a resouce tool from a marketing perspective (aimed at agency clients).

    That said, nomenclature is what remains to be haggled about – who wants credit? 🙂

  2. Daniel R Avatar
    Daniel R

    Good points on both accounts.

    Regarding the chart itself, its really due to the limits of the tool I use, which cannot show overlaps or say multiple “parents” (e.g. “SEO Services” is the parent).

    But thanks for pointing it out, it illustrates how tools can limit not only expression but lines of thought. Now where to find a tool that can do Venn Diagrams and Mindmaps?

    Regarding Nomenclature: Sure, giving a complex idea or topic a label, name, or phrase adds greatly to cognitive clarity (and makes for great Whitepapers and easier marketability). Let’s brainstorm on this? 🙂

  3. […] I could go on and on, on the list above. They are not hard and fast categories, but they are the type of questions that need to be asked. They maybe best laid out in a mindmap (see Emergence Media’s SEO Mindmap from last year). […]

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