Yahoo! Answers and SEO

Yahoo! Answers on Dogs SERPS

Yahoo! Answers creeping into Y! Serps

I’ve noticed that for question type queries “what is the…where can i…” not only is Yahoo! Answers mentioned on the bottom or top of Yahoo queries, but it is actually in the SERPs themselves, very often in the top 10 position.

Should SEO campaigns start thinking about including “social media building” – starting Yahoo Answer discussions or answering them – to appear in Yahoo Serps? This crosses the line of PR, WOM, brand reputation and possibly the now disfavored online guerilla marketing. What are the ethics? How can SEO consultants/team leaders work with so many different departments (PR, brand, etc)?

And of course, if this Yahoo trend keeps up, this brings me to a larger question:
What is a SERP?



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