Quick Post Catch Up – September 13, 2006

We’ve been extra busy in the office, so blogging will be light for the next few days. In the mean time, here’s a round up of great postings worth reading (unforunately, not done by me):
Note: Remember, if anyone wants to guest blog. Feel free to let me know!

Delivering Contextual Relevance Through Segmentation” by Jonathan Mendez
Mendez gives an interesting overview of how smart segmentation can give the agility to customize

Steve Rubel, Wikipedia, and AOL Data, Part II” by Michael Gray
A lot of buzz about Steve Rubel’s research on Wikipedia’s effect on branding. Gray has compared this to AOL data and finds very little people actually clicking on Wikipedia articles, despite being high on the SERPs. Very interesting, if true among Google and Yahoo users.

Revver, Break.com’s incentive models” by Bambi Francisco
Francisco does an informative post on the Revver and Break.com’s revenue models, which brings hope that video sites like YouTube will exist in one for or another, even after the Web 2.0 fizzles out.

Amateur reviews changing approach of small businesses” by Ilana DeBare
The title speaks for itself.







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