Quick Post – WOMMA Links, Grey Wolf on Tag Spam

Things are busy in the office as we wrap up for our Holiday Break, so blogging has been light. Here’s a some interesting happens not thoroughly covered elsewhere in the blogosphere:

From WOMMA’s Word of Mouth Research Symposium
WOMMA/Research – Mom Power Thrives in Digital Domain

After doing an extensive amount of research on blogs, B&M began to look closer at female/mom bloggers. This was triggered by seeing that one of the Technorati Top 100 bloggers was a mommy-blogger. The term they’ve come up with is ‘mom-fluentials’.

Mom-fliuentials are a subset of E-fluentials. Their research has shown that moms are approached for advice and often give purchasing opinions. They find that when a mom-fluential does give advice it is followed. Mom-fluentials will give an average of 13 positive recommendations per week.

Social Networkers Ask Peers for Recommendations

Social networkers are moving away from traditional media and are increasingly consulting peers for information and recommendations, according to a recent Compete Inc. study. The study shows that, when it comes to purchase decisions, online “socialites” are influenced more by peers and colleagues than any other source.

Grey Wolf on Tag Spam on Technorati
See: http://www.wolf-howl.com/blogs/tag-spam/



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