Joining 9Rules Network Marketing Community

Over the holidays, Emergence Media was picked to join 9Rules Network, a small community of passionate bloggers covering areas from religion to automobiles.

Emergence Media will be joining the Marketing Community of 9Rules (to be confirmed), which has plenty of great blogs I’ve been regularly reading for some time – Experience Curve (I’ve had drinks with Karl Long), Pronet Advertising, Influential Interactive Marketing – and new ones I’m just discovering.

Here is a peak at the 9Rules Network Marketing Community:

Again, looking forward to being an active contributor to the 9Rules Marketing Community! This is a great start to 2007!







6 responses to “Joining 9Rules Network Marketing Community”

  1. Cameron Olthuis Avatar

    Congrats! Welcome to the 9rules family. Your blog is definitely deserving with the quality of content you write.

    Lots of good additions this round, I’m stoked!

  2. andrew wee Avatar

    Hey Daniel,
    welcome to the tribe.
    good to have you on board!

  3. Richard Ball Avatar

    Welcome, Daniel! I like the name of your blog. Clever.

  4. Daniel R Avatar
    Daniel R

    Cameron, Andrew and Richard,

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to participating in the forums and community.

    And Andrew, I noticed you’re a marketer in Singapore. My company has a presence there, I should definitely talk to you.

    Thanks Again All!

    = Daniel

  5. Marketing Avatar

    Intesting Blog.

  6. Join xocai Avatar

    I would say it is a fantastic opportunity, it’s a new business and the turnover of distributors is really’s actually really good fun and the chocolate seems pretty good as well

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