LinkedIn Answers: Another Channel for a Linkbait/PR Push

A quick post on returning from Tahoe…more to come.

In the past, I wrote LinkedIn had entered the “Questions & Answers” space, which has helped boost Yahoo!’s standing (with Yahoo! Answers) and being followed by Amazon, Microsoft and others. As a marketer, “Questions & Answers” is an obvious channel for promotion, asking consumers/clients/etc questions on why they like a certain product or service, or a contest on a audience-targeted trivia (i.e. hip-hop trivia to promote a hip-hop internet radio).

Kevin Lee, of and ClickZ Author, has taken a stab at using LinkedIn Answers as a channel to promote an article written by his business partner. Kevin posted a question “Is SEO Rocket Science? What do think?”, which while being a good question to pose to the LinkedIn community also acts as a vehicle to promote an article by Dave Pasternack (Partner at Dave’s article sparked a slew of discussions debating how “Rocket Science” is SEO. (Kevin also mentioned an online contest relating to the debate, as well as, mentioned that the contest award goes to a charity.)
See Kevin Lee’s question here (Signing-In to LinkedIn Required).


  • The Big Picture: What is Kevin Lee doing on the example above?
  • Is this online PR? Social Media PR? Word-Of-Mouth? Social Media Marketing?
  • Ok, as an Agency which of the term are your Clients most likely to understand and buy into?
  • Do you go with the term your client knows? Or educate them on something new?
  • Effective Tactic?: As an early first mover, Kevin Lee is in an excellent position to post these PR Push/Link Building questions on LinkedIn. But how about the 10th or 100th or 1000th person to do the same tactic on LinkedIn or any other “Questions & Answers” community?
    • What is the diminishing rate of return on how effective these tactics are?
    • What communities are more open to these types of tactics? I’d assume LinkedIn (being a business community) would have a higher tolerance.
  • Metrics: How well can we track traffic originating from people who read Kevin’s question on LinkedIn? Who here want’s to do a quick test on this?

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    One response to “LinkedIn Answers: Another Channel for a Linkbait/PR Push”

    1. Ivy Avatar

      I’ve been using LinkedIn Answers to promote myself as an Internet Marketing expert in Denver and it’s working quite well.

      I see this category growing and even emerging into the consumer research space, perhaps with video capabilities.

      Thank you for your helpful blog.

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