Quick Post: The Social Web Goes Mobile, and Gaming Consoles Too?

Wii - Everybody Votes
Wii’s Everybody Votes: Community Voting to Social Network?
(Image from lifefilter)

Beyond Mobile 2.0, Here Comes Consoles 2.0
(We’re on the roll with Web, Mobile, Marketing, [Insert Word Here] 2.0s. )
Just as the idea of Mobile 2.0 (the integration of internet with the uniqueness of mobile phones) is picking off, so will the idea of gaming consoles integrating into the internet gain currency.

Recently, Read/Write Web discussed the “55 Piece Mobile Search Tool Kit” that are shaping the mobile landscape along with who are active in providing these particular “mobile tools”. Some of those mentioned include:

  • Mobile site builders
  • Mobile search engines
  • Local sites
  • Mobile portals
  • Mobile social networks
  • Mobile visual search (matching your cell phone camera’s pictures)
  • Mobile video search
  • Mobile downloads
  • Real estate search
  • Mobile map apps

Soon, there maybe a need to think of adapting these “tools” to gaming entertainment consoles themselves. The online world is moving to the Consoles too, not just Mobile.

What is the Wii up to on Social Media?

Nintendo’s Wii has seen to movements on territory that is usually found in traditional social media: 1) StumbleUpon Video; and 2) Online Group Polling.

Nintendo’s Wii partnership with StumbleUpon Video creates an interesting integration of TV-based Entertainment Consoles (Wii) and StumbleUpon Video (Social Media Video).
Wii also has a “Everybody Votes Channel” as discussed by lifefilter and TC399, which allows:

  • Vote on regional or worldwide polls
  • After vote is placed, predict how the majority voted.
  • Allow users to submit questions that they would like to be asked

Just like Hot or Not evolved from a online polling website into a social network/dating website, the potential evolution of the “Everybody Votes Channel” can clearly be seen.

Overall, it is way too early to tell, but it will be interesting to see how all of this evolves in 1-3 years.




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  2. […] “Question 4) I state that Web Marketing is not on Two (corporate and google) domains only. Some savvy companies are realizing the Web Marketing battle isn’t on the corporate domain only, as the word of mouth effect becomes more important, do companies really want visitors to come to their site? Or will the savvy company realize that the most effective web marketing is using advocate customers to turn cold and warm prospects. How does this impact the SEO industry?” Web Marketing will (already is?) about where ever your company or its services are mentioned or should be mentioned: Google, Corporate, Social News Sites (Digg), Blogs etc. (Furthermore, there will be a blur between mobile, web and gaming/entertainment consoles but I’m saving that talk for this posting.) […]

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