The 1984 Hillary YouTube Video – Updated

The Apple 1984 Video on Hillary Clinton

The recent 2006 and coming 2008 US elections has been heralded as the moment when blogs and social media make their play on election campaigns. Indeed for the 2008 US presidential elections, much has been made regarding John Edward’s involvement with dozens of social networking site, plus web 2.0 sites like Twitter. Additionally, Barack Obama’s website includes its own social networking website.


But the real factor has been on the grassroots level, which the new video on Hillary Clinton is an example of (link of video above). San Francisco Chronical describes the video :

Groundbreaking 74-second pitch for Democratic Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, which remixes the classic “1984” ad that introduced Apple computers to the world, is not on cable or network TV, but on the Internet.

This video, at the time of this writing, has been viewed over 200,000 times since it was posted on March 5th. This is powerful for a video that was apparently created on a grassroots level by a Barack Obama supporter.

Blogs have been a large political factor for some time, especially with the Little Green Footballs, a conservative news/blog website, which revealed the “Killian documents” forgeries that was in a Dan Rather’s segment in CBS’s “60 Minutes” and helped call attention to the photoshopped forgeries by an Reuters Photographer that exaggerated damage from the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon Conflict. Maybe this time online videos will raise to be the major influencer?

With the 2008 Presidential Elections just getting a start, the “Vote Different”/1984 Hillary video is just one example of how social media will impact the cultural landscape – beyond a marketer’s viral video, college kids on Facebook and Mentos viral videos. The Lesson: While avoiding the whole kool-aid, marketers should could watch to understand social media is more than just viral videos.

PS: Of course with politics being as it is, this video could of been an inside job by the Obama camp, but for the sake of avoiding political speculation we’ll avoid that discussion.



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10 responses to “The 1984 Hillary YouTube Video – Updated”

  1. Amy Avatar

    This Hillary 1984 video is getting way overhyped. There are important issues out there more important than
    clever little internet ad campaigns with no real message, especially one that isn’t even original.

  2. Rich Avatar

    I just saw the Hillary 1984 video–excellent. It’s quite appropriate in that George Orwell wrote his novel in response to his observation of leftist ideology run amok.

  3. Cindy Avatar

    About that Hillary video – is anyone asking why one Democratic candidate would produce a video like that against another? Nah. Barack’s camp didn’t put that together… I think it was the opposition. Rove is good at this type of thing.

  4. Daniel R Avatar
    Daniel R

    Funny you should say that the video “is getting way overhyped.” That thought crossed my mind when I saw the SF Chronicle putting its follow-up story on the video on the front page.

    To be sure, this video was already making its rounds with the Huffington Post, but the SF Chronicle & Drudgereport are feeding it – creating a self-reinforcing feedback loop.

    I agree that there are more important issues (regardless of one’s politics), but I was focuses on the issue as the power of new forms of media – not talking about my own political commentary.


    Definitely an effective video. I’ll refrain responding to your second political statement. Sorry, but I’m focusing this blog as a marketing blog. 🙂

    During the primaries, candidates of the same party often jab each other and with both the Republicans and Democrats fielding no clear front-runners, I’d expect it to get ugly.

  5. John Sevic Avatar
    John Sevic

    I nearly fell out of my chair with laughter with Amy lamenting ‘clever little interet ad campaigns with no real message…’

    Sounds just like Hillary’s campaign: no message, no solutions, no vision.

  6. Gordon Couger Avatar
    Gordon Couger

    It is a new venu for the politcal caroonist. He drew on very strong images most of us know and did a good job at it.


  7. Jeff Swanson Avatar
    Jeff Swanson

    Youtube is a hotbed for political commentary, no doubt about it. However, we must ask ourselves, how long until this streaming “broadcast yourself” media is censored and regulated just like everything else?

    In the meantime, I’ve found another fabulous youtube video that falls in line with the recent spring of “Political Entertainment” that critiques, while it entertains.

    For waterboarding advice, please view:

    I wish film and television had as much bite as our current internet content.

  8. TexasBill Avatar

    Take a good look at this video, a very good look. Because it’s about as dead on as anything every published or reported about Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary is a chameleon, a Leftist who will lie and do whatever it takes to grab power, and power is all she cares about. Hillary first and America second (or maybe last).

  9. theMightyWalrus Avatar

    “I think it was the opposition. Rove is good at this type of thing.” –Cindy

    This comment is the single most ironic twist to this whole overblown tempest in a teapot. Yeah, it must be those eeeeeeeeeeeevil Republicans doing this. It couldn’t be Barack’s supporters sensing the unbelievable viciousness of Hillary Clinton, realizing that she will crucify their man to keep him from ruining her long overdue coronation. It couldn’t be a way of pointing out what a lot of people already feel, that she’s got Bill’s ambitions without his sense of humour, or the common touch. I, personally, think its way to freakin’ EARLY to even be talking about the election. It’s the same warped, idiotic side to this country that has the Christmas decorations going up before Halloween, and the Christmas sales starting on Thanksgiving Day. Fer cryin’ out loud, the election is 20 MONTHS from now!!!!!

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