Google Universal Search and SEO: SEO is Dead Part 2

For some time now, the marketing blogosphere has been a buzz about the “Google Universal Search” (GUS) and what is means for SEM, SEO and search engine rankings.

Just recently I wrote:

If you’re search engine optimization campaign is targeting Google, then what are you doing about the “searches” on, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Yelp, Wikipedia, Oodle and even Digg? Maybe those searches are not for the mainstream (yet), but it maybe where the Linkerati, the savvy “Influencers”, go?

Now, Google Universal Search makes us ask: What other channels do we need to optimize in (YouTube, Google Video, Google News) to get on the Google SERPs? A reverse question.

The New Google Universal Search

As state by David Wilson:

What GUS does in short is reduces the number of organic listings available on the home page. No longer is getting to the first page of Google good enough. Now you need to be in the top 5 or 6 positions as the rest will be taken by video and news.

Seems like we’re practically on the same page here.

SEO no longer means optimizing only one’s website, or links…it means being active promoting and staying relevant through a variety of channels and mediums. It means distributing your content on YouTube, Yelp, Wikipedia, Press Releases etc.

Google Universal Search really presents no new known challenges of SEO. It just brings the message home: Old SEO is Dead, New SEO is a form of Multi-Channel Content Optimization and Distribution.

It’s all been said before:

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4 responses to “Google Universal Search and SEO: SEO is Dead Part 2”

  1. Jim Hobson Avatar

    The only fear to have is being so complacent that you are unwilling to advance your set of skills. Change is inevitable and no where more so than in Internet marketing. Time spent worrying is wasted. Embrace multi-media and get the mad skills that will preserve your company and advance your client’s business. For the SEO firms this is Marketing 101 – new products for existing customers. How can you not like the opportunity for more business? I love it!

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