SEO Link Building: Is In-House SMM Key?

Over the weekend, I noticed a couple of articles covering the success of Social Media Marketing for traffic building and link building.

If SEO is Multi-Disciplinary: Is In-House Better?

If SEO requires a holistic approach that integrates content development, PR, blog outreach, blog marketing, usability and so on – there is always the looming question of which is better: a well-turned in-house SEO team or the top SEO consultant with a willing client?

With the level of coordination and integration required, I’m leaning towards the in-house team. Although, I think there are currently more creative/top SEO consultants then there are top notch in-house SEO team. However, going in-house has been the trend for the past 1-2 years.

What Do Agencies Need to Do?

For those of us working on the Agency side, we need to ask ourselves: If our client’s competitors are a top-notch in-house SEO team, how can we act like our client’s in-house team rather than as outside consultants? What training is required? What cross-discipinary (PR to conten producing) stakeholder buy-ins is need? What Long Term planning must be done?

See the various Case Studies of a successful in-house Social Media Marketing campaign below:

Docshop (by David Willson)

“Sujan James Sujan Patel is responsible for driving organic and social media traffic to Docshop, a health information portal.

Getting web sites to link to anything health related can be an extremely difficult task, but Sujan has managed to add over 38,000 links this year!”

“Digg, and Stumble Upon are very good sites and can drive a lot of traffic but smaller niche sites can drive good traffic that is more likely to come back to your site. This is something I haven’t seen many marketers take advantage of.”

SEOMoz built over 1,000,000 links in 33 months through the quality of its content, participation in the SEM community and timeliness. See Rand’s article here.

Link Building success through content:

Web 2.0 Awards – 72K + 30K = 100K+ links
Beginner’s Guide to SEO – 6.5K + 5.6K = 12K+ links
Page Strength – 4K + 3.5K = 7.5K+ links
Search Ranking Factors – 14K + 9K = 23K+ links
SEO Blog – 19K + 34K = 53K+ links

SplashCast (Via Jeremiah Oywang)
Splashcast hired to Social Media folks to active conduct community outreach via: blogging, sending trackbacks, commenting on other blogs, using Twitter, reaching out to bloggers for product launch and other methods.

“As a result of implementing this strategy before, during and after our initial launch, we had more than 1,000 publishers register for an account at launch, we doubled that in our first month to 2,000 and doubled it again in our second month to more than 4,000. SplashCast player loads are now aproaching 5.5 million.”

Of Blog Outreach: “That strategy lead to more than 250 blog mentions within 48 hours of our launch, for example.”




10 responses to “SEO Link Building: Is In-House SMM Key?”

  1. Ayrshire Marketing Avatar

    At the present time I work agency side myself have just only come from client side. The benefits of having an agency are that there working on other clients in other industries and picking up on new trends faster. When I was the in-house SEO guy our focus was too narrow and if one person (the CEO) didn’t think a particuliar way of link building would be usefull ie blogging, then it wouldn;t be investigated where in an agency there’s always somebody messing around with what’s new.

  2. Sujan Patel Avatar

    Hey Thanks for the mention, My name is not Sujan James…its actually Sujan Patel.

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  4. Matt Larson Avatar

    Building on what Ayrshire wrote, in house teams are often left starving for resources even if they have approval. Often the position is created by a marketing manager who heard it would be a good idea, but didn’t really think through the implementation of such a position. Plus the time it takes to create a really great social campaign often takes more resources than the one or two in-house folks can do while they’re trying to do a bunch of other vaguely related jobs (loss of time in task-switching).

  5. Ed Avatar

    wow.. 1,000,000 links in 33 months!

  6. Stephan Miller Avatar

    I am inhouse and since no one here really knows what I do and I have doubled monthly sales in about 6 months with a website that had already been active for 3 years, I get to call all the shots.
    But, of course, I can’t usually get to everything since I am also the website developer and random IT issue guy,

  7. Daniel R Avatar
    Daniel R

    @Stephen Miller:

    If you double sales in 6 months, I hope your management knows about it! Position yourself as being a revenue generator for the company, not just a “random IT issue guy”.

    If they dont listen to that reasoning, join a company that will.

  8. b Avatar

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  9. Affordable web services Avatar

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  10. John Deacon Avatar

    In house is rarely advised, unless the company is willing to let their employees train and stay abreas of developments utilizing 8-16 hours a week of company time.

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