Returning from Burning Man 2007

Big Rig Jig

Hey All, I just got back from Burning Man, surviving dust storms, the extreme weather and the igniting of 900 gallons of jet fuel. I’m just finally getting up to speed with blogs, emails, and client meetings. Tomorrow night us e-Storm folks will have a nice dinner with the folks over from BuzzLogic, who we’re using for some of our clients for social media metrics and community monitoring.

Day 1: So Clean, So White (Until the dust storm hits)

Huge Jet Fuel Explosion over the Oil Derrick

This year’s Burning Man was simply amazing, where the surreal always happens. There was an art installation called Crude Awakening featuring a 90′ foot oil derrick, which shot up 900 gallons of jet fuel igniting a fireball easily over 250 foot high. See my Revver video above.

Temple of Forgiveness






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