CRM & Social Media: Integrating into the Customer Lifecycle

Via a blogger who linked to me, I found this incredible social media/new marketing webinar by the SocialRep CEO titled “Beyond Monitoring: Managing Social Media Engagement“, which presents a wonderfully refreshing and wholistic look at Social Media (“The Conversation”) vis-a-vis CRM and as part of the integrated customer lifecycle:

Which can be brokendown into specific tactics and channels:

I could go on, but I suggest you signup for SocialRep’s webinar and read Ron Frederick’s notes on it. I would love to get in touch with Chris Kenton, SocialRep CEO, and converse with him. I’m surprised I havn’t heard or bumped into Chris.




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  1. Chris Kenton Avatar

    Hi Daniel–

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the link. I’m glad you found the presentation useful. I’ve been working on this framework for years–this is really just scratching the surface–and though it’s baked into what we’re doing at SocialRep, I’m only just starting to put it out there publicly. I’ve taken up an offer from BrightTalk to continue posting these presentations in a channel, and I’m working out how I’ll make that come together. I’d certainly love to chat sometime. Drop me a note.


  2. Daniel R Avatar
    Daniel R


    No problem. Really, really enjoyed the webinar. I look forward to seeing your future webinars.

    I’ve just added you on twitter, so I’d definitely like to keep touch with you and chat sometime.



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