Social Media Club Talk: Integrating Social Media and SEO

Back in Mid-January, I gave a talk for the Social Media Club at their local SF chapter. As I mentioned before, I spoke with Jose Nuñez from Hiran and Brent Csutoras on the interaciton Social Media and SEO. Interestingly enough, the audience was comprised mostly of PR folks. I’m more used to a marketing and SEO crowd, but the interest in Social Media by those working in PR firms is an obvious one.

Below is my presentation, which attempts go beyond the usual “Social Media” is the new SEO “linkbait” and also talk a little about the DAO (digtial asset optimization) of social media assets for SEO. (Mouthful, I know!).

If you have any questions, don’t hestiate to contact me – email or a comment below.



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