Americana Culturama: Red Dawn and the Reagan Era

A few months ago, my friends held an “unconference” for our friends to learn more about the US Pop-Culture in the 80s and Americana culture in general. Being a fan of all things 1980s Americana (fashion excepted), I was ecstatic and decided to combine two of my many joys of the 1980s: Red Dawn and Ronald Reagan.

And voila, here’s the presentation above. Comparing “Red Dawn” with the Cold War political climate of the Reagan era and how it compared to other Cold War influenced movies of the time, mainly Rambo and Rocky IV (with Ivan Drago).

Somehow or another, the Red Dawn slideshow, “American: Red Dawn and the Reagan Era”, made it’s way as a top pick by the editors (making it on the homepage) and chosen as a showcase for the education section.





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  1. valeria Avatar

    This is kind of amazing, will have to watch soon!

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