Career Update: Focusing on the “Ever Closer Union”

I’ve been working in the SEO field for over 10 years and have even done Y2K SEO campaigns. And in the past three of those years, I have more keenly focused on SEO and how it relates and integrates with PPC, analytics and Social Media. Well 3 months ago I was promoted by e-storm international to the position of Director of Marketing Services. Woohoo!

To be sure, Director of Marketing Services is an interesting and little used (but AAAA defined) title. Searching on LinkedIn, I’ve only encountered a handful of agencies that have someone with the same title (Hi “Didier Ackermans” of Aegis Media!). For e-storm, the title means that I’ll be involved in supporting, growing and integrating the various marketing service teams – PPC to Analytics to Social Media – at e-storm.

On the day-to-day level, this means I’ll be the common contact between all marketing services lines and in charge of helping them coordinate their activities with each other and the client services team. On the higher level, it means I’ll be thinking about the Customer Lifecycle a lot and see how e-storm can align the multi-channel customer with our clients’ multi-channel marketing activities.

From SocialRep (Click on image for link)

To be sure, e-storm has always sought to integrate our services (as do many of the other leading digital agencies). But as media fragments from TV, Print and Radio to dozens-upon-dozens of media platforms, there is a need to actively and constantly seek an “ever closer union” (to borrow an American political phrase) among all media channels and platforms.

And for this blog, it means a change in focus from being about “How Search and Social Media” interacts to always asking “How does this all fit together?”

So in my career and in this blog…Exciting changes all around!






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