Data Science Indonesia Bootcamp Launch

Indonesia’s First Data Science Bootcamp

Hello Everyone!

I’m proudly announcing that after over six months of work at Ventura Labs, we have launched the first data science bootcamp in Indonesia. With out fantastic partners at Data Science Indonesia, we are providing an innovative program that will be the blue print for preparing Indonesians for the Creative Economy.

Here’s a run down on the numbers and main points:

  • Six month program, including three month externship
  • Externship partners like Jakarta Smart City program to renowned research organization RTI International, who will provide real-world work experience for our students
  • Over 15 instructors from academic backgrounds to real-world practitioners at World Bank, Teradata to Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Course material is based on the “best in class” data science material from John Hopkins University to MIT
  • Over 300 students applied, 28 were accepted

Our launch last week was made possible thanks to sponsorship by Cloudera and Telekom Indonesia, fantastic guest speakers from Telekom Indonesia,  Jakarta Smart City, and PERPI (Association of Market Research Companies), and of course the relentless energy of our Data Science Indonesia partner.

Our inaugural class of 28 data science students are trailblazing a future path for Ventura Labs to provide training for a full range of Creative Economy skills and mindset to support Indonesia’s Youth.

Prasetya Dwicahya at Data Science Bootcamp Indonesia
Prasetya Dwicahya at Data Science Bootcamp Indonesia

We know that the Creative Economy requires new skills – like data science, UX & design, full-stack developers – but also new mindsets with design thinking, scrum, and agile methodologies. I see our first cohort of 28 students as the first step to our long-term mission to support Indonesia’s Youth.

I’m tremendously proud of what Data Science Indonesia has achieved! Being the first is always difficult, but not without its rewards. I look forward to us, at Ventura Labs, to continue in our partnership with DSI.






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