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  • Moving Beyond Asking “What is the ROI of Social Media?”

    Countless publications and blogs, including this blog, have been dedicated to answering what is the “ROI of Social Media.” The question, however, is misguided. To be sure, this is the question your COO and CFO is asking, but greater men and women reply back and answer the question with what they should be asking. We […]

  • Beyond PPC and SEO Integration: Display-Search Integration

    For a number of years, I’ve spoken about SEO-PPC keyword management integration and I’ve spoken a few times about the need to integrate Social Media and SEO efforts. But what many of us have forgotten from time to time is that awareness via display can significantly impact search traffic and conversion. Josh Dreller of Fuor […]

  • What is Multi-Channel Analytics? Is it just a Glorified Dashboard?

    Google Analytics: Tracking Online and Offline Worlds For some time now, Google Analytics have offered the ability to track both website visits and television commercial impressions (views), if the commercial was bought via Google. The graph has always shown a peak of what multi-channel analytics can look like: a single dashboard to see everything from […]

  • Psst Jeremy Toeman: That’s why Social Media is a Big Deal

    Jeremy Toeman, a fellow friend and colleague of strong opinion (I mean that in a good way Jeremy), titled a post “Stop Trusting the Internet!“, a missive against rumors, misleading headlines, exaggerations and falsehoods that exist on the Internet: “Let’s face it, the news is more about entertainment and ad revenue than it is about […]

  • Facebook Demographic & User Statistics Fun

    Ever wanted to reach Halliburton Employees, 30-65, from Texas? I’ve been playing around with the Facebook advertisement system, even posting a few ads here and there. The most fun I have right now is using Facebook’s ad targeting tool to mine the demographic data from their user profiles. A marketer can target users by workplace […]

  • ROI Analytics for SEO & Content

    Introduction Google Universal Search, Google Personalization and the push towards appealing to social media (linkbaiting, content strategy) is part of a large push towards finally abandoning emphasis of ranking reports over to more holistic analytics reporting. To use analytics reporting for better understand SEO & Content, there are three important ideas: Analyzing Entry Pages as […]

  • Hey Technorati & Omniture! Let’s do some Blog Referral Tracking!

    Summary: The Problem with Tracking Blogs You are leading a blog outreach and marketing campaign. You find over 550 blogs pointing to you – great traffic (you see a spike traffic from referrals), great exposure and great for SEO. But, how do you know what those blog visitors from those 550 blogs are up to? […]

  • ROI & Metrics: Need for Integrating Offline & Online Campaigns

    Note: Some liberties were taken with the statistics to simplify the diagram. Summary: Up Your Analytics, Strengthen Your Content, Smarten Your SEM A recent study by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association has found that traditional offline media – such as Magazines, TV and Newspapers – were a high factor (>~42%) in leading to consumers […]

  • Measuring Engagement Metrics for Social Media Marketing – Part 2

    Recaping Part I on Engagement Metrics Part I discussed the following: Outlining Engagement Metrics (in a Dashboard Report too): Eric Peterson lays out in snapshots not only what his view of metrics would be, but also look like in a actual report (something other have yet to do). Calling for Holistic Measurement: Working with “buzz […]

  • Measuring Engagement Metrics for Social Media Marketing – Part 1

    Following Eric T. Peterson’s Engagement Metrics Process Eric Peterson, of Visual Sciences, over at Web Analytics Demystified has been running a series of articles on Engagement Metrics, as a response to Robert Scoble’s calling for “engagement metrics.” Based on discussions he has had with customers on building engagement metrics, Eric has outlined a possible scenario […]