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  • Second Life Marketing: Putting Your Company Brochure on a Website

    Introduction Last week, there was a lot of buzz around BrandWeek’s article, “Are Marketers Dying on Second Life?“, which placed a reality check on the marketing hype around Second Life: So far all this collective marketing savvy hasn’t much impressed the actual Second Lifers. More than 70% of the site’s users say they are disappointed […]

  • Second Life: Bring on the Consumer Research Data

    Quick Post: Consumer Research on Second Life One of my questions regarding much of the movement towards establishing a presence (stores) and campaigns in Second Life is the lack of any clear user data (See Second Life Marketing Rush: Why?). Indeed, there has even been a debate on the actual population and active userbase of […]

  • Quick Links: Virtual Malls: From to Second Life

    Virtual Malls – Take Two Richard at Read/Write wrote on the return of Virtual Malls (the stuff of the mid-late 90s), see “Virtual Shopping Malls Making a Comeback?“: So I have to admit it is surprising that the virtual shopping mall, as a concept, is alive and well in 2006. Lately we’ve heard that, […]

  • From SEO to SMO to Second Life Optimization?

    Jason Calacanis at SES: Are we moving beyond Search Marketing? This Monday it was announced that Jason Calacanis of (previously of Weblogs Inc) will be the keynote speaker for Search Engine Strategies (SES) Chicago 2006. This is not Jason’s first appearance on SES, but as the keynote speaker this has tremendous symbolism.The conference maybe […]

  • Social Media: Commercialization Ramps Up

    Commercialization: The Leo Burnett “Office” on Second Life Introduction: Social Media Gentrification? Or Maturing Market? Commercialization of any new frontier is usually something between ambivelence to protest by the first movers into any space. The Internet is not different. But as the dot-com mantra that “Content wants to be Free” has shifted from Google’s “Adwords […]

  • Quick Post: Second Life’s Fashion Economy

    Your Emergence-Media Author Window-Shopping at Designs by Adri I just got around to this but WSJ’s Andrew LaVallee did a write-up on the fashion industry on Second Life: “Now, Virtual Fashion” (09/22/06 Registration Required). Key Data/Points on Second Life and its Fashion Industry Some choice numbers excerpted from the Second Life article: Demographics of Second […]

  • UGC and Social Media – You’re Really Letting Go

    Unique Challenges and Problems of Social Media User Generated Media (UGC), Social Media, Word of Mouth. These buzzwords all share common need to (equally buzzwordiness terms) “let go of your brand” or embace “marketing is conversation”. The Second Life Liberation Army holding an American Apparel store hostage All of this sounds very empowering, democratic and, […]

  • Second Life Marketing Rush: Why?

    Introduction: Telus on Second Life The list of Second Life advertisers keeps on growing: Scion, NOAA, Starwood Hotels, American Apparel, Wells Fargo Bank and so on. Just recently, Springwise reports that: Telus, Canada’s second largest telco…opened a store in the sim of Shinda last week. Telus is both the first major Canadian corporation, and the […]