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  • Go Beyond Blogger Outreach, Embrace Community Marketing & Relations

    The SF Conservatory of Music has hosted a blogger event. What has your company done? Along with the tidal wave of Social Media buzzwords hitting marketing and PR departments, “blogger outreach campaigns” is a big one. Blogger Outreach Campaigns are seen as the new “word of mouth” campaign, which is being looked at as a […]

  • Social Media: Commercialization Ramps Up

    Commercialization: The Leo Burnett “Office” on Second Life Introduction: Social Media Gentrification? Or Maturing Market? Commercialization of any new frontier is usually something between ambivelence to protest by the first movers into any space. The Internet is not different. But as the dot-com mantra that “Content wants to be Free” has shifted from Google’s “Adwords […]

  • Quick Post: WSJ on “How to Get Attention In a New-Media World”

    Introduction: Over at the WSJ Small Business Seciton, Gwendolyn Bounds does a nice backgrounder on online marketing activities in “How to Get Attention In a New-Media World” (09/25/06 Registration Required). Bounds goes through the whole online marketing landscape in a relatively quick ~3,700 words, covering: Online PR; blogging for buzz: Google AdWords; “organic” seach marketing […]