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  • Obama’s VP Pick Notification via SMS Text: More than a Gimick

    SMS from Obama Campaign for Opting-In VP Notification Text Message As you may know, the Obama Campaign this week announced that supporters can sign-up to be the first to know about who Barack Obama’s VP nomination pick is via text messaging. Obama’s campaign has become the defacto case study on use new and emerging media […]

  • Facebook Demographic & User Statistics Fun

    Ever wanted to reach Halliburton Employees, 30-65, from Texas? I’ve been playing around with the Facebook advertisement system, even posting a few ads here and there. The most fun I have right now is using Facebook’s ad targeting tool to mine the demographic data from their user profiles. A marketer can target users by workplace […]

  • Quick Link: ComScore on MySpace – What It Really Means

    Fred Stutzman, of Unit Structures, does a great analysis and breakdown on the real meaning of ComScores’ widely reported numbers on MySpace’s demographic shift: The recent Comscore analysis of social network websites’ audience is being widely and incorrectly reported across the blogosphere and news media. If you haven’t seen the report, here’s a quick glimpse […]

  • Fukuyama on Europe’s Identity Crisis and Islam

    Quick Post – Francis Fukayama on Europe’s Identity Crisis and IslamEurope, Muslims, Demographics and Eurabia On Slate Magazine today, Francis Fukayama’s “Europe vs. Radical Islam” takes to tasks the rash of “decline of Europe, raise of Eurabia” books that have been hitting American shelves lately, specifically “The West’s Last Chance” by Tony Blankley and “While […]

  • Quick Post: Europe’s Demographic and Cold Spell Challenges

    Note: Posting has been and will be very light for a 1-2 weeks with work projects due and a vacation trip to Tahoe coming this weekend. As mentioned earlier, article contributions are welcomed. ——————- Introduction While oil, the Middle East and terrorism steal the headlines, we must not forget the need to seriously consider the […]

  • Market-States, Challenge of Changing Demographics, and The Netherlands

    Summary Declining birthrates in places like Europe, Japan and Russia and increasing immigration in once homogenous states (like France) is becoming an issue of mainstream discussion. Just last week (January 04 & 05), the WSJ and the Economist both ran articles on the issue of demographics, commenting on the opposite ends but equally faulty premises. […]