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  • Facebook Demographic & User Statistics Fun

    Ever wanted to reach Halliburton Employees, 30-65, from Texas? I’ve been playing around with the Facebook advertisement system, even posting a few ads here and there. The most fun I have right now is using Facebook’s ad targeting tool to mine the demographic data from their user profiles. A marketer can target users by workplace […]

  • Budgets Shifting to Social Media WoM over SEO?

    Move over SEO, Social Media Marketing has the Cash Now? Talking with clients and those in the marketing industry, there appears to be an increasing interest in Social Media/Word-of-Mouth at the cost of SEO. Search Engine Optimization has been hot from 2004-2006, but we’re now seeing budgets being shifted to Social Media/Word of Mouth. Is […]

  • Gavin Newsom Case Study: Facebook for PR, Branding, and Press Room

    Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Facebook Profile Summary: Mayor Gavin Newsom & the Personal Brand There has been a lot of talk on the need to develop the “Personal Brand” and to help build connections to the audiences, customers or even voters via Social Media. While there is a lot of theory and experimentation, one great example of […]

  • BandTracker Gets the “Social Utility” of the Facebook Platform: BandTracker v Trips Review

    The introduction of Facebook Platform opens a new and broad channel for marketers to establish themselves in one of the largest and most active social networking communities. Among others, SideStep and Oodle were among the first to provide applications for Facebook members. Facebook is a Social Utility, Why isn’t Your Facebook Application? One of the […]