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  • Branding on Twitter: Agency v. Employees

    Last week, I decided to review the number of followers an official agency twitter account had versus some of their high-profile employees. For most Social Media Practitioners, the results I found were not surprising: More people followed the individual behind the Agency name, rather than the official Agency presence themselves. But rather this data go […]

  • CRM & Social Media: Integrating into the Customer Lifecycle

    Via a blogger who linked to me, I found this incredible social media/new marketing webinar by the SocialRep CEO titled “Beyond Monitoring: Managing Social Media Engagement“, which presents a wonderfully refreshing and wholistic look at Social Media (“The Conversation”) vis-a-vis CRM and as part of the integrated customer lifecycle: Which can be brokendown into specific tactics […]

  • What is Multi-Channel Analytics? Is it just a Glorified Dashboard?

    Google Analytics: Tracking Online and Offline Worlds For some time now, Google Analytics have offered the ability to track both website visits and television commercial impressions (views), if the commercial was bought via Google. The graph has always shown a peak of what multi-channel analytics can look like: a single dashboard to see everything from […]

  • Surreal Social Media Moment: SAP on Twitter talking about Chumby

    Random Friday Thought So who in 2005 ever thought that SAP, a gigantic enterprise software company, would be on a service called “Twitter” asking people what they think of a “Chumby“? Not me. See the second Twitter post below.

  • Quick Post: Gets Spammed

    There’s been a lot of fear of Social Media and spamming. On Friday, I saw a perfect example of this on Among the usual top Delicious articles about twitter and social networks were three adult websites. All seeded by the same account and all had tags added by same users. Going back to what […]

  • Happy Friday: Paid Search 101 Rap Video

    Happy Friday, here’s a YouTube video on PPC [youtube] This is how we’ll get down in all future client training meetings. This Paid Search 101 Rap Video was found via Laura Lippay from Facebook. So kudos to her for the find!

  • New York Times Polling Project: Social Media & Newspapers

    During the February 5th US Elections (aka “Super Tuesday”), I noticed on Twitter that people were participating in the New York Times’ “Polling Place Photo Project” website, a place to share photos and experiences of voting in the US on election day. This New York Times website serves two interesting thought pieces on Social Media […]

  • WGA Writer Strike: The Longtail Revenue is at Stake

    [youtube] My friend Nina speaks out on the WGA Strike The WGA Writer strike has been ongoing for more than two weeks now. At the heart of it, the WGA Writer Strike is a signaling that writers and the producers knows that the future of film and televisions shows is not in cable television, […]

  • Technorati Ads: “Adult” Ads on my Technorati Search?

    Is that Porn on My Technorati? I do not usually do speculative postings on companies on Emergence-Media, but this ad on Technorati (while I was doing research on Google Analytics filters) took me by surprise. The thought of Technorati running ads for an “adult” dating service does bode well as a sign of confidence, especially […]

  • Returning from Burning Man 2007

    Big Rig Jig Hey All, I just got back from Burning Man, surviving dust storms, the extreme weather and the igniting of 900 gallons of jet fuel. I’m just finally getting up to speed with blogs, emails, and client meetings. Tomorrow night us e-Storm folks will have a nice dinner with the folks over from […]