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  • Happy Friday: Paid Search 101 Rap Video

    Happy Friday, here’s a YouTube video on PPC [youtube] This is how we’ll get down in all future client training meetings. This Paid Search 101 Rap Video was found via Laura Lippay from Facebook. So kudos to her for the find!

  • SEO & PPC Search Marketing Mix: A Mini Powerpoint Presentation

    As part of reaching out to a broader audience and trying new content, I’m re-purposing some of my postings as PowerPoints on for distribution. Below is a mini PowerPoint on integrating PPC & SEO, drawing from several of my posts. I’ll update this PowerPoint this weekend. I’m pushing this out today as part of […]

  • UGC and SEO: Going for the Long Tail Keywords?

    TripAdvisor and Yelp are some of the key examples towards how UGC can lead to dominating SEO rankings. But how does it fit with the overall SEO and PPC key strategy? What should be considered? Why Companies Are Going UGC: Community, Conversion & SEO Lee Odden has laid out the reasons for UGC, citing some […]

  • ROI & Metrics: Need for Integrating Offline & Online Campaigns

    Note: Some liberties were taken with the statistics to simplify the diagram. Summary: Up Your Analytics, Strengthen Your Content, Smarten Your SEM A recent study by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association has found that traditional offline media – such as Magazines, TV and Newspapers – were a high factor (>~42%) in leading to consumers […]

  • Building Content for Branded and Non-Branded Search

    Summary We all known that branded search visitors translate to high conversions than non-branded. But adding to the complexity, recent research conclude that the conversion process often involves the user first arriving under non-branded term (“hd dvd player”), to return later to purchase with a branded term (“toshiba HD-A2 hd dvd player”). Acting on this […]

  • MarketingSherpa on the State of SEO & PPC Industry

    MarketingSherpa has put out its “State of the Search Marketing Agency Industry 2006 — 10 New Charts” for 2006. In it, we find a maturing SEM industry with some challenges head. I cant review the whole report tonight, but here’s some excerpts followed by commentary: SEM Industry Overview This year, expert staffing sizes have roughly […]