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  • Branding on Twitter: Agency v. Employees

    Last week, I decided to review the number of followers an official agency twitter account had versus some of their high-profile employees. For most Social Media Practitioners, the results I found were not surprising: More people followed the individual behind the Agency name, rather than the official Agency presence themselves. But rather this data go […]

  • Stanford’s iPhone Course: The Million Dollar Branding Campaign

    1 Million iPhone Application Course Downloads… It was announced yesterday that Stanford’s iPhone Application Programming courses have been downloaded over 1 million times on Apple’s iTunes University. Stanford University’s move to allow anyone with access to iTunes to download a high-quality video of their iPhone Application Programming course was obviously not a move to convince […]

  • Verizon Math Fail: When it Comes to Social Media, Bad Reputations Never Really Goes Away

    [youtube] Verizon Customer Service: Viral Video of the Day (February 5th) Today, the FAIL Blog website posted a humorous recording between a Verizon customer and a customer service representatives over a billing issue. As of the the time of this writing (only 8:39 PM of the day of the post), there are over 1,000 […]

  • What is Multi-Channel Analytics? Is it just a Glorified Dashboard?

    Google Analytics: Tracking Online and Offline Worlds For some time now, Google Analytics have offered the ability to track both website visits and television commercial impressions (views), if the commercial was bought via Google. The graph has always shown a peak of what multi-channel analytics can look like: a single dashboard to see everything from […]

  • Obama’s VP Pick Notification via SMS Text: More than a Gimick

    SMS from Obama Campaign for Opting-In VP Notification Text Message As you may know, the Obama Campaign this week announced that supporters can sign-up to be the first to know about who Barack Obama’s VP nomination pick is via text messaging. Obama’s campaign has become the defacto case study on use new and emerging media […]

  • Word of Mouth is Powerful Marketing: It’s Science!

    Social Media : It’s Powerful Because Our Minds Aren’t Conversations image from b_d_solis Survey after survey have shown how word-of-mouth is a powerful force in helping people form decisions on what to buy or what to think of brands and products. Fresh Chat has list of some of the latest data on word-of-mouth: “Recommendations from […]

  • Social Media: Entering the Global Cultural Mainstream

    U.S. Senator Obama gives his speech on Race (mentions YouTube) When reading U.S. Senator Barack Obama’s speech on race this month, one particular line caught this marketer’s eye: And I confess that if all that I knew of Reverend Wright were the snippets of those sermons that have run in an endless loop on the […]

  • Quick Post: Gets Spammed

    There’s been a lot of fear of Social Media and spamming. On Friday, I saw a perfect example of this on Among the usual top Delicious articles about twitter and social networks were three adult websites. All seeded by the same account and all had tags added by same users. Going back to what […]

  • Twitter: PBWiki doing Conversations or Pitching?

    Being a marketer in the Social Media space, I always tell clients that people do not want to be pitched to but rather have actual conversations…just like in real life. Recently this week, I was reminded exactly what that means. I recently asked the “Twittersphere” on their thoughts on wikis (specifically, I was thinking for […]

  • Adobe’s Blogger Response to the Omniture Tracking Issue

    Case Study in Crisis Management via Blogging A few weeks ago, ValleyWag and others brought a story about how some blogger found out that certain Adobe software seemed to secretly send data to Omniture via an obscure looking URL. Of course, anything about company spying took off in a frenzy. Interestingly, John Nack, Senior PM […]