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  • SEO & PPC Search Marketing Mix: A Mini Powerpoint Presentation

    As part of reaching out to a broader audience and trying new content, I’m re-purposing some of my postings as PowerPoints on for distribution. Below is a mini PowerPoint on integrating PPC & SEO, drawing from several of my posts. I’ll update this PowerPoint this weekend. I’m pushing this out today as part of […]

  • Yahoo’s SmartAds and Behavioral (with Social) Search?

    Yahoo: User Data and Smart Ads Emergence-Media has been hot on the idea of Yahoo’s potential to do Behavioral Targeting and Social Search in a big way for awhile now. Yahoo has a mountain of user information (Y! Jobs, Upcoming, Flickr,, Y! Games) that the ability to do customized ad servicing (behavioral targeting) and […]

  • SEO is Dead! Where is Your Audience Searching?

    SEO is Dead! Well, maybe your Google SEO Why is SEO important? Because the majority of people search on the Internet to find things…reviews, contact numbers, shopping etc. But what is Search? Google? Yahoo? If you’re search engine optimization campaign is targeting Google, then what are you doing about the “searches” on, Technorati, StumbleUpon, […]

  • Answering Jeremiah Owyang on SEO and Social Media

    Jeremiah Owyang of PodTech has posted up four great questions on SEO and Social Media. Andy Beale who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at SES San Jose 2007 and Natasha Robinson (who I met several times to discuss bars not SEO;) have answered the questions. So I guess, it is my turn. So let’s […]

  • SEO as Website Positioning Strategy? – Updated

    Emergence-Media’s Community by Update: Fixed MS Word HTML issue. Thanks to Jake for letting me know. Search Engine Optimization or Strategic Website Positioning? Search marketing veterans have seen the shift of SEO tactics moving from keyword density and page title optimization to the leveraging of PR-like tactics to conduct link-building (building rankings by having […]

  • Oodle Rolls out Personal Search

    Introduction: Oodle Rolls out Personal Search Last week, Oodle launched its personals search service, extending its role as a classifieds listings vertical search tool which currently covers everything from job to real estate listing. Personals is a booming industry, a recent Pew Study notes that “31 percent of all American adults (63 million people) know […]

  • Social Media, Yahoo and Data Mining

    Introduction Recently, Bambi Francisco of MarketWatch comments on the future of social media as they “search” (bad pun) out for an advertising model. Francisco sees a future in search query data and behavioral marketing: “We just haven’t seen it work all that well because the companies that know about our search history — aren’t really […]

  • Jonathan Mendez on Search Goals

    Jonathan Mendez, formerly of Digital Grit and now OTTO Digital of Offermatica, is an Internet marketing strategist that I have come to deeply respect for his analytical approach and well-researched insight. I’ve seen him speak at SES 2005 on several panels and found his talks, direct, honest and insightful without the cliched gloss of a […]