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  • Social Media Club Talk: Integrating Social Media and SEO

    Back in Mid-January, I gave a talk for the Social Media Club at their local SF chapter. As I mentioned before, I spoke with Jose Nuñez from Hiran and Brent Csutoras on the interaciton Social Media and SEO. Interestingly enough, the audience was comprised mostly of PR folks. I’m more used to a marketing and SEO […]

  • Defending SEO: Why SEO loves Social Media & Linkbait

    Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion caused a stir in the SEO community last week by declaring that “SEO Shenanigans Pose a Clear and Present Danger to Social Media“, writing: “I have recently witnessed a disturbing trend. Some respected experts are advocating launching social media marketing programs solely for the purpose of influencing search engines, rather […]

  • Budgets Shifting to Social Media WoM over SEO?

    Move over SEO, Social Media Marketing has the Cash Now? Talking with clients and those in the marketing industry, there appears to be an increasing interest in Social Media/Word-of-Mouth at the cost of SEO. Search Engine Optimization has been hot from 2004-2006, but we’re now seeing budgets being shifted to Social Media/Word of Mouth. Is […]

  • Gavin Newsom Case Study: Facebook for PR, Branding, and Press Room

    Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Facebook Profile Summary: Mayor Gavin Newsom & the Personal Brand There has been a lot of talk on the need to develop the “Personal Brand” and to help build connections to the audiences, customers or even voters via Social Media. While there is a lot of theory and experimentation, one great example of […]

  • SEO Link Building: Is In-House SMM Key?

    Over the weekend, I noticed a couple of articles covering the success of Social Media Marketing for traffic building and link building. If SEO is Multi-Disciplinary: Is In-House Better? If SEO requires a holistic approach that integrates content development, PR, blog outreach, blog marketing, usability and so on – there is always the looming question […]

  • Social Media Release (SMR): Metrics Anyone?

    Social Media Releases: An Introduction There has been ongoing coverage regarding Social Media Releases (also known as “Social Media Press Releases” or “New Media Releases”) and with much debate over its merits and even more existential questions of why press releases even still exist. Stowe Boy gives a rough (and somewhat cynical) description of SMR […]

  • SMO in the Washington Post

    Search Maketing Optimization (SMO) on the Washington Post . For some time the Washington Post (WaPo) has included two SMO-related features on the articles they post online: “Save & Share Article” – This is a new feature I just noticed; they are the the same buttons you see on most blogs, allowing you to easily […]

  • Quick Post: WSJ on “How to Get Attention In a New-Media World”

    Introduction: Over at the WSJ Small Business Seciton, Gwendolyn Bounds does a nice backgrounder on online marketing activities in “How to Get Attention In a New-Media World” (09/25/06 Registration Required). Bounds goes through the whole online marketing landscape in a relatively quick ~3,700 words, covering: Online PR; blogging for buzz: Google AdWords; “organic” seach marketing […]

  • Quick Post: Organic Traffic Optimization? Doing Agnostic SEO

    Introduction: Lee on “UnGoogleing” via SMO Recently, Lee Odden posted a unique perspective towards Social Media Optimization (SMO) on “UnGoogle Your Marketing with Social Media“: I think one of the ways you can sum up the idea of social media optimization and marketing is: “traffic alternatives to Google”. As great as Google is, marketers are […]

  • Snakes on the Plane: The Future of Marketing? Maybe.

    One Example of a SoaP Consumer Generated Ad Quick Summary Raking in +$15m opening weekend (#2 spot), “Snakes on Plane” – a movie soley carried and even re-shot because of the blogosphere – is defining the power of blogs as it pertains to the movie studios. But SoaP is also a unique product, so the […]