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  • Fitting in Social Media Marketing within the Agency

    For the past few months, I’ve been rethinking what it means to have a Social Media Marketing line in a Strategy-focused Interactive agency. As Alisa Leonard-Hansen from iCrossing says, there’s technically no such thing as Social Media – it is just that the web is social. So where does this leave us: Clients asking about […]

  • Moving Beyond Asking “What is the ROI of Social Media?”

    Countless publications and blogs, including this blog, have been dedicated to answering what is the “ROI of Social Media.” The question, however, is misguided. To be sure, this is the question your COO and CFO is asking, but greater men and women reply back and answer the question with what they should be asking. We […]

  • Branding on Twitter: Agency v. Employees

    Last week, I decided to review the number of followers an official agency twitter account had versus some of their high-profile employees. For most Social Media Practitioners, the results I found were not surprising: More people followed the individual behind the Agency name, rather than the official Agency presence themselves. But rather this data go […]

  • Stanford’s iPhone Course: The Million Dollar Branding Campaign

    1 Million iPhone Application Course Downloads… It was announced yesterday that Stanford’s iPhone Application Programming courses have been downloaded over 1 million times on Apple’s iTunes University. Stanford University’s move to allow anyone with access to iTunes to download a high-quality video of their iPhone Application Programming course was obviously not a move to convince […]

  • Repost – Intuit’s Leaked Letter to A Lesson in Social Media Reputation Management

    Here’s a repost from a blog post I did for e-Storm International (where I work) from two weeks ago about  Intuit PR issue regarding Intuit’s letter inquiring about Mint’s user base. _________________________________ Leaking of Intuit’s Letter to and the Fallout This morning, word spread quickly of a legal letter from Intuit asking (rival […]

  • Social Media Club Talk: Integrating Social Media and SEO

    Back in Mid-January, I gave a talk for the Social Media Club at their local SF chapter. As I mentioned before, I spoke with Jose Nuñez from Hiran and Brent Csutoras on the interaciton Social Media and SEO. Interestingly enough, the audience was comprised mostly of PR folks. I’m more used to a marketing and SEO […]

  • Verizon Math Fail: When it Comes to Social Media, Bad Reputations Never Really Goes Away

    [youtube] Verizon Customer Service: Viral Video of the Day (February 5th) Today, the FAIL Blog website posted a humorous recording between a Verizon customer and a customer service representatives over a billing issue. As of the the time of this writing (only 8:39 PM of the day of the post), there are over 1,000 […]

  • CRM & Social Media: Integrating into the Customer Lifecycle

    Via a blogger who linked to me, I found this incredible social media/new marketing webinar by the SocialRep CEO titled “Beyond Monitoring: Managing Social Media Engagement“, which presents a wonderfully refreshing and wholistic look at Social Media (“The Conversation”) vis-a-vis CRM and as part of the integrated customer lifecycle: Which can be brokendown into specific tactics […]

  • Surreal Social Media Moment: SAP on Twitter talking about Chumby

    Random Friday Thought So who in 2005 ever thought that SAP, a gigantic enterprise software company, would be on a service called “Twitter” asking people what they think of a “Chumby“? Not me. See the second Twitter post below.

  • Psst Jeremy Toeman: That’s why Social Media is a Big Deal

    Jeremy Toeman, a fellow friend and colleague of strong opinion (I mean that in a good way Jeremy), titled a post “Stop Trusting the Internet!“, a missive against rumors, misleading headlines, exaggerations and falsehoods that exist on the Internet: “Let’s face it, the news is more about entertainment and ad revenue than it is about […]