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  • “Social Network Fatigue”: Expect to hear that alot in 2008

    Start-up investor, Esther Dyson, once remarked that “Facebook is the New Google“. That was back in 2007. 2008 will be the year the term “Social Network Fatigue” will be thrown about more and more as the buzzword du jour. While mid-2007 marked the high point in Facebook mania, we will see heavier scrutiny in social […]

  • Facebook Demographic & User Statistics Fun

    Ever wanted to reach Halliburton Employees, 30-65, from Texas? I’ve been playing around with the Facebook advertisement system, even posting a few ads here and there. The most fun I have right now is using Facebook’s ad targeting tool to mine the demographic data from their user profiles. A marketer can target users by workplace […]

  • Gavin Newsom Case Study: Facebook for PR, Branding, and Press Room

    Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Facebook Profile Summary: Mayor Gavin Newsom & the Personal Brand There has been a lot of talk on the need to develop the “Personal Brand” and to help build connections to the audiences, customers or even voters via Social Media. While there is a lot of theory and experimentation, one great example of […]

  • SEO is Dead! Where is Your Audience Searching?

    SEO is Dead! Well, maybe your Google SEO Why is SEO important? Because the majority of people search on the Internet to find things…reviews, contact numbers, shopping etc. But what is Search? Google? Yahoo? If you’re search engine optimization campaign is targeting Google, then what are you doing about the “searches” on, Technorati, StumbleUpon, […]

  • Quick Post: The Social Web Goes Mobile, and Gaming Consoles Too?

    Wii’s Everybody Votes: Community Voting to Social Network? (Image from lifefilter) Beyond Mobile 2.0, Here Comes Consoles 2.0 (We’re on the roll with Web, Mobile, Marketing, [Insert Word Here] 2.0s. ) Just as the idea of Mobile 2.0 (the integration of internet with the uniqueness of mobile phones) is picking off, so will the idea […]

  • LinkedIn Launches Question and Answer Service

    LinkedIn’s Question and Answer Service: Summary Today, LinkedIn launched its version of a “Question and Answer” service, bringing a new level of interaction to its users that will help the social network mature and be a more powerful tool. The question and answer service presents many interesting opportunities: More Open/Informal Interaction: Rather than relying on […]

  • Quick Post – WOMMA Links, Grey Wolf on Tag Spam

    Things are busy in the office as we wrap up for our Holiday Break, so blogging has been light. Here’s a some interesting happens not thoroughly covered elsewhere in the blogosphere: From WOMMA’s Word of Mouth Research Symposium WOMMA/Research – Mom Power Thrives in Digital Domain After doing an extensive amount of research on blogs, […]

  • Quick Link: ComScore on MySpace – What It Really Means

    Fred Stutzman, of Unit Structures, does a great analysis and breakdown on the real meaning of ComScores’ widely reported numbers on MySpace’s demographic shift: The recent Comscore analysis of social network websites’ audience is being widely and incorrectly reported across the blogosphere and news media. If you haven’t seen the report, here’s a quick glimpse […]

  • Quick Link: Social Network Monetization Models

    Monetization Models for Social Networks Fred Stutzman of has posted a very interesting overview of the different models of monetization currently discussed for Social Networks: Ads – or, the interestingness problem Product affiliation groups – or, the non-scalability of affiliation Partnership Opportunities – or, limitations of partnership Micropayments – or, the selling of value […]