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  • Fitting in Social Media Marketing within the Agency

    For the past few months, I’ve been rethinking what it means to have a Social Media Marketing line in a Strategy-focused Interactive agency. As Alisa Leonard-Hansen from iCrossing says, there’s technically no such thing as Social Media – it is just that the web is social. So where does this leave us: Clients asking about […]

  • Moving Beyond Asking “What is the ROI of Social Media?”

    Countless publications and blogs, including this blog, have been dedicated to answering what is the “ROI of Social Media.” The question, however, is misguided. To be sure, this is the question your COO and CFO is asking, but greater men and women reply back and answer the question with what they should be asking. We […]

  • Beyond PPC and SEO Integration: Display-Search Integration

    For a number of years, I’ve spoken about SEO-PPC keyword management integration and I’ve spoken a few times about the need to integrate Social Media and SEO efforts. But what many of us have forgotten from time to time is that awareness via display can significantly impact search traffic and conversion. Josh Dreller of Fuor […]

  • CRM & Social Media: Integrating into the Customer Lifecycle

    Via a blogger who linked to me, I found this incredible social media/new marketing webinar by the SocialRep CEO titled “Beyond Monitoring: Managing Social Media Engagement“, which presents a wonderfully refreshing and wholistic look at Social Media (“The Conversation”) vis-a-vis CRM and as part of the integrated customer lifecycle: Which can be brokendown into specific tactics […]

  • Twitter: A Case Study on Social Media Relations

    Twitter – the mobile-based microblogging service – has become the new darling among social media marketers and internet geeks since the SXSWi conference in 2007. Lacking any kind of monetization model, Twitter seems a trendy but not sustainable company, like PointCast in the 1990s. Maybe Twitter wont be around to see 2010, yet many major […]

  • Responding to Rubel: Word of Mouth and the Tipping Point

    The past five years have been marked with “social” and “viral” buzzwords about how to best do marketing and advertising. We’ve been hearing everything from “Tipping Point” and”Mavens” to lots of mentions of “influencer” and “A-List Bloggers”. Yet, the increasingly popularity of these terms also breeds confusion. That’s how I feel about Steve Rubel’s latest […]

  • Defending SEO: Why SEO loves Social Media & Linkbait

    Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion caused a stir in the SEO community last week by declaring that “SEO Shenanigans Pose a Clear and Present Danger to Social Media“, writing: “I have recently witnessed a disturbing trend. Some respected experts are advocating launching social media marketing programs solely for the purpose of influencing search engines, rather […]

  • New York Times Polling Project: Social Media & Newspapers

    During the February 5th US Elections (aka “Super Tuesday”), I noticed on Twitter that people were participating in the New York Times’ “Polling Place Photo Project” website, a place to share photos and experiences of voting in the US on election day. This New York Times website serves two interesting thought pieces on Social Media […]

  • Email Pitches to Bloggers: Where to go with Blogger Relations

    Marshall Kirkpatrick is Angry at Bad Blog Pitches. Last week was a rough week for marketing and PR professionals in the blogosphere. Chris Anderson (Wire/Longtail), David Meerman and Marshall Kirkpatrick (Read/Write, TechCrunch) wrote critical posts to PR folks who are trying to reach out to bloggers. Chris even published a list of emails from PR […]

  • UGC and SEO: Going for the Long Tail Keywords?

    TripAdvisor and Yelp are some of the key examples towards how UGC can lead to dominating SEO rankings. But how does it fit with the overall SEO and PPC key strategy? What should be considered? Why Companies Are Going UGC: Community, Conversion & SEO Lee Odden has laid out the reasons for UGC, citing some […]