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  • Beyond PPC and SEO Integration: Display-Search Integration

    For a number of years, I’ve spoken about SEO-PPC keyword management integration and I’ve spoken a few times about the need to integrate Social Media and SEO efforts. But what many of us have forgotten from time to time is that awareness via display can significantly impact search traffic and conversion. Josh Dreller of Fuor […]

  • CRM & Social Media: Integrating into the Customer Lifecycle

    Via a blogger who linked to me, I found this incredible social media/new marketing webinar by the SocialRep CEO titled “Beyond Monitoring: Managing Social Media Engagement“, which presents a wonderfully refreshing and wholistic look at Social Media (“The Conversation”) vis-a-vis CRM and as part of the integrated customer lifecycle: Which can be brokendown into specific tactics […]

  • Obama’s VP Pick Notification via SMS Text: More than a Gimick

    SMS from Obama Campaign for Opting-In VP Notification Text Message As you may know, the Obama Campaign this week announced that supporters can sign-up to be the first to know about who Barack Obama’s VP nomination pick is via text messaging. Obama’s campaign has become the defacto case study on use new and emerging media […]

  • Psst Jeremy Toeman: That’s why Social Media is a Big Deal

    Jeremy Toeman, a fellow friend and colleague of strong opinion (I mean that in a good way Jeremy), titled a post “Stop Trusting the Internet!“, a missive against rumors, misleading headlines, exaggerations and falsehoods that exist on the Internet: “Let’s face it, the news is more about entertainment and ad revenue than it is about […]

  • Word of Mouth is Powerful Marketing: It’s Science!

    Social Media : It’s Powerful Because Our Minds Aren’t Conversations image from b_d_solis Survey after survey have shown how word-of-mouth is a powerful force in helping people form decisions on what to buy or what to think of brands and products. Fresh Chat has list of some of the latest data on word-of-mouth: “Recommendations from […]

  • Responding to Rubel: Word of Mouth and the Tipping Point

    The past five years have been marked with “social” and “viral” buzzwords about how to best do marketing and advertising. We’ve been hearing everything from “Tipping Point” and”Mavens” to lots of mentions of “influencer” and “A-List Bloggers”. Yet, the increasingly popularity of these terms also breeds confusion. That’s how I feel about Steve Rubel’s latest […]

  • Social Media: Entering the Global Cultural Mainstream

    U.S. Senator Obama gives his speech on Race (mentions YouTube) When reading U.S. Senator Barack Obama’s speech on race this month, one particular line caught this marketer’s eye: And I confess that if all that I knew of Reverend Wright were the snippets of those sermons that have run in an endless loop on the […]

  • Twitter: PBWiki doing Conversations or Pitching?

    Being a marketer in the Social Media space, I always tell clients that people do not want to be pitched to but rather have actual conversations…just like in real life. Recently this week, I was reminded exactly what that means. I recently asked the “Twittersphere” on their thoughts on wikis (specifically, I was thinking for […]

  • “Social Network Fatigue”: Expect to hear that alot in 2008

    Start-up investor, Esther Dyson, once remarked that “Facebook is the New Google“. That was back in 2007. 2008 will be the year the term “Social Network Fatigue” will be thrown about more and more as the buzzword du jour. While mid-2007 marked the high point in Facebook mania, we will see heavier scrutiny in social […]

  • Yahoo’s SmartAds and Behavioral (with Social) Search?

    Yahoo: User Data and Smart Ads Emergence-Media has been hot on the idea of Yahoo’s potential to do Behavioral Targeting and Social Search in a big way for awhile now. Yahoo has a mountain of user information (Y! Jobs, Upcoming, Flickr,, Y! Games) that the ability to do customized ad servicing (behavioral targeting) and […]