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  • Stanford’s iPhone Course: The Million Dollar Branding Campaign

    1 Million iPhone Application Course Downloads… It was announced yesterday that Stanford’s iPhone Application Programming courses have been downloaded over 1 million times on Apple’s iTunes University. Stanford University’s move to allow anyone with access to iTunes to download a high-quality video of their iPhone Application Programming course was obviously not a move to convince […]

  • Verizon Math Fail: When it Comes to Social Media, Bad Reputations Never Really Goes Away

    [youtube] Verizon Customer Service: Viral Video of the Day (February 5th) Today, the FAIL Blog website posted a humorous recording between a Verizon customer and a customer service representatives over a billing issue. As of the the time of this writing (only 8:39 PM of the day of the post), there are over 1,000 […]

  • Psst Jeremy Toeman: That’s why Social Media is a Big Deal

    Jeremy Toeman, a fellow friend and colleague of strong opinion (I mean that in a good way Jeremy), titled a post “Stop Trusting the Internet!“, a missive against rumors, misleading headlines, exaggerations and falsehoods that exist on the Internet: “Let’s face it, the news is more about entertainment and ad revenue than it is about […]

  • Word of Mouth is Powerful Marketing: It’s Science!

    Social Media : It’s Powerful Because Our Minds Aren’t Conversations image from b_d_solis Survey after survey have shown how word-of-mouth is a powerful force in helping people form decisions on what to buy or what to think of brands and products. Fresh Chat has list of some of the latest data on word-of-mouth: “Recommendations from […]

  • Defending SEO: Why SEO loves Social Media & Linkbait

    Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion caused a stir in the SEO community last week by declaring that “SEO Shenanigans Pose a Clear and Present Danger to Social Media“, writing: “I have recently witnessed a disturbing trend. Some respected experts are advocating launching social media marketing programs solely for the purpose of influencing search engines, rather […]

  • Adobe’s Blogger Response to the Omniture Tracking Issue

    Case Study in Crisis Management via Blogging A few weeks ago, ValleyWag and others brought a story about how some blogger found out that certain Adobe software seemed to secretly send data to Omniture via an obscure looking URL. Of course, anything about company spying took off in a frenzy. Interestingly, John Nack, Senior PM […]

  • Go Beyond Blogger Outreach, Embrace Community Marketing & Relations

    The SF Conservatory of Music has hosted a blogger event. What has your company done? Along with the tidal wave of Social Media buzzwords hitting marketing and PR departments, “blogger outreach campaigns” is a big one. Blogger Outreach Campaigns are seen as the new “word of mouth” campaign, which is being looked at as a […]

  • Budgets Shifting to Social Media WoM over SEO?

    Move over SEO, Social Media Marketing has the Cash Now? Talking with clients and those in the marketing industry, there appears to be an increasing interest in Social Media/Word-of-Mouth at the cost of SEO. Search Engine Optimization has been hot from 2004-2006, but we’re now seeing budgets being shifted to Social Media/Word of Mouth. Is […]

  • SEO is Dead! Where is Your Audience Searching?

    SEO is Dead! Well, maybe your Google SEO Why is SEO important? Because the majority of people search on the Internet to find things…reviews, contact numbers, shopping etc. But what is Search? Google? Yahoo? If you’re search engine optimization campaign is targeting Google, then what are you doing about the “searches” on, Technorati, StumbleUpon, […]

  • Hey Social Media Marketers, Remember Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

    What happened to Word Of Mouth Marketing? In the online marketing buzz, “Social Media Marketing” is akin to the Internet business frenzy about “Web 2.0”. It’s what everyone is talking about, even this blog. Via Marketing Pilgrim, iProspect has released a report, Social Networking User Behavior Study, which confirms the power of social networking websites: […]