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  • Future of Food Report

    Future of Food Report

    I’m pleased to announce that the Project Gastronomia’s Future of Food report has been released and can be downloaded at the Project Gastronomia website. I had a fun time writing and editing this report, and hope you’ll have fun reading it. In April 2018, Project Gastronomia, an initiative led by the Basque Culinary Center’s BCCInnovation, […]

  • Exploring What’s After Capitalism

    Exploring What’s After Capitalism

    Questioning the Socio-Economic Order From the Great Recession of 2008 to Italy’s Five-Star Movement and the US Tea Party Movement, there’s been signs that the neoliberal order is under stress and facing a rebellion from the masses, from Occupy Wall Street on the left to Tea Party on the right. This summer I’m helping Professor Andy Hines, co-founder of […]

  • Foresight & Organisational Design

    Foresight & Organisational Design

    What excites me about foresight is the ability to create a space to explore, to create a strategic conversation beyond the day to day hustles of operations. But what is that exploration without organization transformation? How can we take the insights of foresight and produce long term change? Scenario planning allows an organization to hedge […]

  • Can Democracy Survive Facebook?

    Can Democracy Survive Facebook?

    Can democracy survive the 21st Century? “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32 Is the truth knowable? And if we find the truth, will it set us free? Democracy requires a large pool of well reasoned, well informed voters. But Facebook-era prevents revealed we no longer have […]

  • The New Social Contract: The People, The State, the MetaStates

    The New Social Contract: The People, The State, the MetaStates

    Revisiting Rousseau The Enlightenment concept of the social contract has been the foundation for modern democracy and government for over 250 years. But how might we revisit and reimagine this social contract today? The social contract was a disruptive idea (to borrow from Silicon Valley) that authority was not derived by divine right (as with […]