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  • Iraqi Global Guerrillas and the Sustainable Ecology

    Iraqi Guerrillas are now Financially Self-Sufficient Only last week did John Robb at Global Guerrillas noted that: Iraq’s non-state guerrillas aren’t mere proxies of Iran. Instead, they are largely autonomous. First, these groups don’t rely upon Iran for their operating income since they can manufacture income through participation in black globalization’s multi-trillion dollar economy. A […]

  • The Human Swarm and the End of Conventional Warfare

      Palestinian Children Gather as Human Shields (Source) Irregular Warfare: Exploiting Morals and Values of the Enemy Recently, Israel was pushed towards deferring launching airstrikes against Hamas, to retailiate against continuing rocket attacks against Israel. Hamas was able to effectively leverage the use of human shields to deter Israel, as reported by AP in “Palestinians […]

  • Hezbollah Political Victory, Israel’s Military Stalemate?

    Introduction: Situation on the Ground  I’ve been abstaining from commenting on the Israel-Hezbollah conflict since so many other bloggers and analysts are providing better coverage. But, the analysis from StratFor is very fitting (from "Special Report: The Ground Offensive" 08/01/06): As we have said before, the strategy looks more like the way the Japanese defended […]

  • Islamic Terrorism: Beyond an ‘Al Qaeda’ Movement

    Summary: The Global Swarm Continues StrategyUnit has focused on the fact that “Islamic Terrorism” (for lack of a better, shorter term) as it exists today is very much the global guerilla movement that John Robb has been writting about. The recent arrests in Toronto, aborting a potential attacking, and a recent article by Michael Scheuer […]

  • “Netwar Nightmare: Mexican Narco State” – Update

    Introduction Back in November, StrategyUnit wrote on the “War on Drugs” escalation in Mexico and the great danger it poses for US security: The U.S. and its “War on Drugs” is partially the cause of the escalation of the drug war. The US and other states have escalated the war, only to encourage the development […]

  • Global Swarm: Explaining GWOT through Thomas Barnett, Huntington, Global Guerillas

    Introduction I wrote a paper some years ago that I’d like to bring out to StrategyUnit, since I feel there is still a lot of room to discuss the (mislabeled) Global War on Terror (GWOT). Indeed, I believe that there is a supreme lacking in the mature development of a conceptual framework to understand the […]

  • Al-Qaida, Salafi, Islamist – What’s in a Name? (A Quick Post)

    NAZI! Communists! Hippies! Its easy to hate and focus on someone when you have a nice quick, short name for them. Lashing out against “Nationalist Socialist”, “Total Socialist System under Centralized Planning” and “Free Spirited non-Conformist” is not easy to do. (And yes, I know some of my descriptions are not absolutely accurate and I […]

  • Van Creveld on the Iraq War: The Other Side of Connectivity

    Intoduction (Via John Robb) Martin Van Creveld, military strategist who foresaw the raise of non-western warfare (e.g. War on Terrorism) to the shrinking of the tradition role of states, has written in Forward Newspaper (Major Jewish-American publication) an gives his pessimistic analysis on the War on Iraq: [A] divided, chaotic, government-less Iraq is very likely […]

  • Netwar’s Border Nightmare: Mexican Narco State?

    Introduction A week back, John Robb did a concise overview of Moises Naim’s Illict: “Moises copiously documents how globalization and rampant interconnectivity has led to the rise of vast global smuggling networks….He shows how these networks make money through an arbitrage of the differences between the legal systems (and a desire to prosecute) of our […]

  • Quick Post: The Strategic Overview, Econbrowser on Oil Peak

    Quick Posting The Strategic Overview: Tigerhawk’s Update Back in 2003, Den Beste of USS Clueless wrote the greatest touchstone piece on the *Islamofacist war, writting out in a relatively short 20 pages the strategic overview of the war. Today, Tigerhawk writes an excellent update to Den Beste’s essay. Its a must read piece. Econbrowser on […]