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  • The US – Forgetting their New European Allies

    Introduction The Economist earlier last month did an update on America’s relationship in Central Europe, the area earlier hailed by Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as part of the “New Europe.” While I applaud his speech as brillent tactical manuverings (Reminding France/Germany that they’re other Europeans beside themselves), it seems like besides building military bases […]

  • Immigration Debate – Its a Global Issue Too

    Introduction – Immigration in the US StrategyUnit has abstained from the US immigration debate since there’s a high level of complexity in what is legal, moral and practical. But, it suffices to say that this author is an immigrant in this great land, so I do support a more robust system of allowing immigrates to […]

  • Bush, India and Unsettling New Nuclear Realities

    Summary In a move echoing Nixon’s trip to China, India and the US have announced a groundbreaking nuclear deal, which many have warned as “Nuclear Madness” helping to accelerate dangerous nuclear proliferation. “Unsettling” this thought is, the reality is that nuclear proliferation cannot be stopped, so the US must well to play the nuclear card […]

  • Quick Post: Update on India, US and Anglosphere – The Economist Writes

    Quick Post: Update on “Getting India Right : Recreating the Anglosphere” The Economist Writes on US-India relations The StrategyUnit has recently posted several articles relating to India, with the strongest being “Getting India Right : Recreating the Anglosphere“, where it is declared: “There has been discussion that just as Great Britain gracefully passed its world […]

  • Needed in Asia: Security and Energy Cooperation

    SummaryMany commentators have discussed the possibility of the Six-Party Talks on North Korea – which consist of China, Japan, US, Russia and the two Koreas – as the future basis for a security forum for Northeast Asia. East Asia is an important and dynamic region with growing economies and equally growing security needs, yet formal […]

  • What’s at Stake with the UAE Port Deal: US Bases, Force Projection, Defense Contracts

    Spook86’s “In From the Cold” is a blog folks need to check out. Spook86 mentions some possible motives behind Bush Administration’s support for the UAE port deal: From Port Call: Cancelling the port deal could mean the end of U.S. basing rights in the UAE, strained relations with other regional partners, and the potential loss […]

  • QuickPost #1: QDR Review – “Pentagon should put money where its mouth is”

    QuickPost on QDR Via Oxblog, comes a harsh but truthful critque of the QDR (Quadrennial Defense Review) by two MIT grad students: The Pentagon’s guide to military spending for the next four years will disappoint anyone who believes the U.S. military must adapt to a world where threats come from insurgents and terrorists rather than […]

  • Great Game Revisted (Again) and the Green Revolution – Part I

    Central Asia and the Caucasus share the pecular trait of being important geopolitical points, yet so little understood or cared about in the mainstream media. To do my part in remedying that, I’d like to point out to a great article on Central Asia (which more often gets some U.S. media coverage) and contrast that […]

  • Weekend Reading – Open Source War, Global Guerillas in Iraq

    As you can tell from my postings, John Robb at the Global Guerillas Blog is one of my favourite analyst when it comes to fourth generation war and views on the war in Iraq. Today, Robb writes an excellent op-ed in the New York Times on the nature of the adversaries in Iraq and why […]