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  • The Mujahideen Network in Spain: Supporting Fighters in Iraq

    Quick Post In Jamestown Foundation’s Terrorism Focus (11/21/06), there are reports that “agents of the Spanish National Police in Madrid arrested four men because of their involvement in a document falsification ring that had, as its primary mission, the objective of providing documentation cover to “mujahideen” leaving Iraq and trying to enter Spain and other […]

  • The US – Forgetting their New European Allies

    Introduction The Economist earlier last month did an update on America’s relationship in Central Europe, the area earlier hailed by Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as part of the “New Europe.” While I applaud his speech as brillent tactical manuverings (Reminding France/Germany that they’re other Europeans beside themselves), it seems like besides building military bases […]

  • Ending Elections in Iraq via Elections in Italy, UK, US?

    The Elections in the UK, Italy and soon in the US UK: Last week’s regional elections has escalated a civil war in Blair’s Labour Party, with dissenters demanding him to step down. Telegraph reports: “Tony Blair abandoned his election promise to serve a full third term last night, indicating that he could stand down next […]

  • Quickpost: London Bombing – Self-Start Terrorism, No Al-Qaida Needed

    The Observer reports leaks regarding the July 7 London subway bombing inquiry by the British Government: The official inquiry into the 7 July London bombings will say the attack was planned on a shoestring budget from information on the internet, that there was no ‘fifth-bomber’ and no direct support from al-Qaeda, although two of the […]

  • Jyllands-Posten Muhammad Cartoons: Where Does the EU Stand on Civic Freedoms?

    Via, the EU Justice and Security Commissioner has recently declared: The European Union may try to draw up a media code of conduct to avoid a repeat of the furor caused by the publication across Europe of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, an EU commissioner said on Thursday. In an interview with Britain’s Daily […]

  • Fukuyama on Europe’s Identity Crisis and Islam

    Quick Post – Francis Fukayama on Europe’s Identity Crisis and IslamEurope, Muslims, Demographics and Eurabia On Slate Magazine today, Francis Fukayama’s “Europe vs. Radical Islam” takes to tasks the rash of “decline of Europe, raise of Eurabia” books that have been hitting American shelves lately, specifically “The West’s Last Chance” by Tony Blankley and “While […]

  • Jyllands-Posten Cartoons: Feeding the Clash of Civilizations

    Commentary Jyllands-Posten Cartoons: Sparking a Clash of Civilizations The Jyllands-Posten cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad have sparked a global culture clash being seen around the world. Brussels Journal has done an exemplery job covering this event as it unfolds and their article, “The War is On“, is among others a must read. The implications on […]

  • Quick Post: Europe’s Demographic and Cold Spell Challenges

    Note: Posting has been and will be very light for a 1-2 weeks with work projects due and a vacation trip to Tahoe coming this weekend. As mentioned earlier, article contributions are welcomed. ——————- Introduction While oil, the Middle East and terrorism steal the headlines, we must not forget the need to seriously consider the […]

  • Market-States, Challenge of Changing Demographics, and The Netherlands

    Summary Declining birthrates in places like Europe, Japan and Russia and increasing immigration in once homogenous states (like France) is becoming an issue of mainstream discussion. Just last week (January 04 & 05), the WSJ and the Economist both ran articles on the issue of demographics, commenting on the opposite ends but equally faulty premises. […]

  • Russia-Ukraine Gas Update: Role of Dmitry Medvedev

    Complimentaring StrategyUnit’s post on the Russia-Ukraine Gas sega, StratFor’s Peter Zeihan has an interesting perspective on the possible role and orientation of Dimitri Mendevev, Putin’s newly selected Prime Minister, and his in the Ukraine-Russian Gas issue. StratFor’s article is interesting because it takes account to the role of Mendevev, whereas Jamestown Foundation, Eurasianet et al […]