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  • Immigration Debate – Its a Global Issue Too

    Introduction – Immigration in the US StrategyUnit has abstained from the US immigration debate since there’s a high level of complexity in what is legal, moral and practical. But, it suffices to say that this author is an immigrant in this great land, so I do support a more robust system of allowing immigrates to […]

  • Bush, India and Unsettling New Nuclear Realities

    Summary In a move echoing Nixon’s trip to China, India and the US have announced a groundbreaking nuclear deal, which many have warned as “Nuclear Madness” helping to accelerate dangerous nuclear proliferation. “Unsettling” this thought is, the reality is that nuclear proliferation cannot be stopped, so the US must well to play the nuclear card […]

  • Fukuyama on Europe’s Identity Crisis and Islam

    Quick Post – Francis Fukayama on Europe’s Identity Crisis and IslamEurope, Muslims, Demographics and Eurabia On Slate Magazine today, Francis Fukayama’s “Europe vs. Radical Islam” takes to tasks the rash of “decline of Europe, raise of Eurabia” books that have been hitting American shelves lately, specifically “The West’s Last Chance” by Tony Blankley and “While […]

  • Needed in Asia: Security and Energy Cooperation

    SummaryMany commentators have discussed the possibility of the Six-Party Talks on North Korea – which consist of China, Japan, US, Russia and the two Koreas – as the future basis for a security forum for Northeast Asia. East Asia is an important and dynamic region with growing economies and equally growing security needs, yet formal […]

  • Commentary: DailyKos on the Iranian Bourse, Oil, Euro and Dollars

    Commentary Back in January, StrategyUnit posted the article “Iran Crisis: Another War for Oil, Bourse and the US Dollar?” on the scheduled March opening of Iranian oil exchange (bourse), which is based on euros rather than US dollars: This has fueled (no pun intended) speculation of the real cause of the Iranian crisis. The Iraq […]

  • Getting India Right : Recreating the Anglosphere

    Introduction: India, the US and the Anglosphere There has been discussion that just as Great Britain gracefully passed its world power status to the United States, the United States must look to do the same with India or else face decline in the face of a raising China. But something else that needs as much […]

  • Iran Crisis: Another War for Oil, Bourse and the US Dollar?

    Update February 27, 2006: Related Post -”Commentary: DailyKos on the Iranian Bourse, Oil, Euro and Dollars” Introduction to the US Dollars/Oil Bourse Conspiracy Iran is scheduled in March to launch an oil exchange with the currency used for transaction being Euros as opposed to US dollars, such as in the two main oil bourse, International […]

  • Market-States, Challenge of Changing Demographics, and The Netherlands

    Summary Declining birthrates in places like Europe, Japan and Russia and increasing immigration in once homogenous states (like France) is becoming an issue of mainstream discussion. Just last week (January 04 & 05), the WSJ and the Economist both ran articles on the issue of demographics, commenting on the opposite ends but equally faulty premises. […]

  • Global Swarm: Explaining GWOT through Thomas Barnett, Huntington, Global Guerillas

    Introduction I wrote a paper some years ago that I’d like to bring out to StrategyUnit, since I feel there is still a lot of room to discuss the (mislabeled) Global War on Terror (GWOT). Indeed, I believe that there is a supreme lacking in the mature development of a conceptual framework to understand the […]

  • East Asia Summit: A Future Without America

    This week begins the first East Asia Summit (EAS) with over 16 countries invited, representing “3 billion people and one-fifth of global trade“. As the Washington Post writes: As proposed by Malaysia and championed by China, the summit was conceived as a way for the 10 countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to […]