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  • The Strategy on Iran and The NY Times Retracted Op-Ed

    Introduction: Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann’s Retracted Op-Ed Many should know by the the issue involving White House censorship of the Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann’s New York Times Op-Ed (see image on left). I have no issue regarding the prepublication review by the CIA’s Publication Review Board to ensure to classified information are directly […]

  • Israel in Lebenon: A Wider War Involving Syria, Iran and the US

    Summary While intentional or not, Israel’s incursion into Lebanon (aimed at Hezbollah) is now a proxy war against Iran via Hezbollah and Hamas, a violent mirroring of the US-Iran maneuverings in the UN and in Iraq. The incursion also demonstrates how powerful the Iranian hand is with Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Sadr and others in […]

  • Ending Elections in Iraq via Elections in Italy, UK, US?

    The Elections in the UK, Italy and soon in the US UK: Last week’s regional elections has escalated a civil war in Blair’s Labour Party, with dissenters demanding him to step down. Telegraph reports: “Tony Blair abandoned his election promise to serve a full third term last night, indicating that he could stand down next […]

  • Commentary: DailyKos on the Iranian Bourse, Oil, Euro and Dollars

    Commentary Back in January, StrategyUnit posted the article “Iran Crisis: Another War for Oil, Bourse and the US Dollar?” on the scheduled March opening of Iranian oil exchange (bourse), which is based on euros rather than US dollars: This has fueled (no pun intended) speculation of the real cause of the Iranian crisis. The Iraq […]

  • Iran and the Bomb: What’s the Cost of In/Action?

    Down at the Winds of, the Armed Liberal and Trent Telenko have been discussing what to do with the Iranian situation. I have made my own comments at WoC, but I am repeating them here because I think laying out the choices in this manner really helps in providing constructive discussion on the Iranian […]

  • Iran Crisis: Another War for Oil, Bourse and the US Dollar?

    Update February 27, 2006: Related Post -”Commentary: DailyKos on the Iranian Bourse, Oil, Euro and Dollars” Introduction to the US Dollars/Oil Bourse Conspiracy Iran is scheduled in March to launch an oil exchange with the currency used for transaction being Euros as opposed to US dollars, such as in the two main oil bourse, International […]

  • A Nuclear Iran: The End of the Iraqi Project?

    Quick Post on the Iran and Iraq In the Wretchard’s “The Coming of the Bomb” at Belmont Club, he excerpts from the US Army War College’s “Getting Ready For A Nuclear-Ready Iran” monograph: “[An] ever more nuclear-ready Iran will try to lead the revolutionary Islamic vanguard throughout the Islamic world by becoming the main support […]