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  • Iraqi Global Guerrillas and the Sustainable Ecology

    Iraqi Guerrillas are now Financially Self-Sufficient Only last week did John Robb at Global Guerrillas noted that: Iraq’s non-state guerrillas aren’t mere proxies of Iran. Instead, they are largely autonomous. First, these groups don’t rely upon Iran for their operating income since they can manufacture income through participation in black globalization’s multi-trillion dollar economy. A […]

  • Israel in Lebenon: A Wider War Involving Syria, Iran and the US

    Summary While intentional or not, Israel’s incursion into Lebanon (aimed at Hezbollah) is now a proxy war against Iran via Hezbollah and Hamas, a violent mirroring of the US-Iran maneuverings in the UN and in Iraq. The incursion also demonstrates how powerful the Iranian hand is with Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Sadr and others in […]

  • Iran and the Bomb: What’s the Cost of In/Action?

    Down at the Winds of, the Armed Liberal and Trent Telenko have been discussing what to do with the Iranian situation. I have made my own comments at WoC, but I am repeating them here because I think laying out the choices in this manner really helps in providing constructive discussion on the Iranian […]

  • Van Creveld on the Iraq War: The Other Side of Connectivity

    Intoduction (Via John Robb) Martin Van Creveld, military strategist who foresaw the raise of non-western warfare (e.g. War on Terrorism) to the shrinking of the tradition role of states, has written in Forward Newspaper (Major Jewish-American publication) an gives his pessimistic analysis on the War on Iraq: [A] divided, chaotic, government-less Iraq is very likely […]

  • Turkey Weekend Reading: James Fellows’s Article, Kazakhstan v. Iran, China Military Bases

    Howdy All Y’All…Happy Thanksgiving Day. Here’s quick Weekend Reading…just in case you need a break from all that turkey and gravy. By the way, I’ve been doing some light posting this past two weeks, but I’ll start going back to the normal beat of things soon. OxBlog on Jame’s Fellow’s “Why Iraq Has No Army” […]

  • Operation Steel Curtain: It really is Iraq as Vietnam (?)

    Introduction For many weeks we’ve heard murmurings about a new strategy from the Bush Administration on Iraq. From Condi Rice’s testimony to the Senate to Khalilzad on Newsweek, now we see may a glimpse of that with the recent launch of “Operation Steel Curtain.” In essence, the strategy in Iraqi is moving from a “search […]

  • Iraq, getting better or worse?

    Update 01: See Dan Darling’s response here at Winds of Change. As you can tell from my postings, I haven’t made much commentary regarding the situation in Iraq. This is chiefly because others (see the links on the right) already do a great job at analyzing the situation and the situation in Iraq is at […]