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  • The Mujahideen Network in Spain: Supporting Fighters in Iraq

    Quick Post In Jamestown Foundation’s Terrorism Focus (11/21/06), there are reports that “agents of the Spanish National Police in Madrid arrested four men because of their involvement in a document falsification ring that had, as its primary mission, the objective of providing documentation cover to “mujahideen” leaving Iraq and trying to enter Spain and other […]

  • Islamic Terrorism: Beyond an ‘Al Qaeda’ Movement

    Summary: The Global Swarm Continues StrategyUnit has focused on the fact that “Islamic Terrorism” (for lack of a better, shorter term) as it exists today is very much the global guerilla movement that John Robb has been writting about. The recent arrests in Toronto, aborting a potential attacking, and a recent article by Michael Scheuer […]

  • Quickpost: London Bombing – Self-Start Terrorism, No Al-Qaida Needed

    The Observer reports leaks regarding the July 7 London subway bombing inquiry by the British Government: The official inquiry into the 7 July London bombings will say the attack was planned on a shoestring budget from information on the internet, that there was no ‘fifth-bomber’ and no direct support from al-Qaeda, although two of the […]

  • Fukuyama on Europe’s Identity Crisis and Islam

    Quick Post – Francis Fukayama on Europe’s Identity Crisis and IslamEurope, Muslims, Demographics and Eurabia On Slate Magazine today, Francis Fukayama’s “Europe vs. Radical Islam” takes to tasks the rash of “decline of Europe, raise of Eurabia” books that have been hitting American shelves lately, specifically “The West’s Last Chance” by Tony Blankley and “While […]

  • What’s at Stake with the UAE Port Deal: US Bases, Force Projection, Defense Contracts

    Spook86’s “In From the Cold” is a blog folks need to check out. Spook86 mentions some possible motives behind Bush Administration’s support for the UAE port deal: From Port Call: Cancelling the port deal could mean the end of U.S. basing rights in the UAE, strained relations with other regional partners, and the potential loss […]

  • Iran and the Bomb: What’s the Cost of In/Action?

    Down at the Winds of, the Armed Liberal and Trent Telenko have been discussing what to do with the Iranian situation. I have made my own comments at WoC, but I am repeating them here because I think laying out the choices in this manner really helps in providing constructive discussion on the Iranian […]

  • A Nuclear Iran: The End of the Iraqi Project?

    Quick Post on the Iran and Iraq In the Wretchard’s “The Coming of the Bomb” at Belmont Club, he excerpts from the US Army War College’s “Getting Ready For A Nuclear-Ready Iran” monograph: “[An] ever more nuclear-ready Iran will try to lead the revolutionary Islamic vanguard throughout the Islamic world by becoming the main support […]

  • Global Swarm: Explaining GWOT through Thomas Barnett, Huntington, Global Guerillas

    Introduction I wrote a paper some years ago that I’d like to bring out to StrategyUnit, since I feel there is still a lot of room to discuss the (mislabeled) Global War on Terror (GWOT). Indeed, I believe that there is a supreme lacking in the mature development of a conceptual framework to understand the […]

  • Al-Qaida, Salafi, Islamist – What’s in a Name? (A Quick Post)

    NAZI! Communists! Hippies! Its easy to hate and focus on someone when you have a nice quick, short name for them. Lashing out against “Nationalist Socialist”, “Total Socialist System under Centralized Planning” and “Free Spirited non-Conformist” is not easy to do. (And yes, I know some of my descriptions are not absolutely accurate and I […]

  • Quick Post: The Strategic Overview, Econbrowser on Oil Peak

    Quick Posting The Strategic Overview: Tigerhawk’s Update Back in 2003, Den Beste of USS Clueless wrote the greatest touchstone piece on the *Islamofacist war, writting out in a relatively short 20 pages the strategic overview of the war. Today, Tigerhawk writes an excellent update to Den Beste’s essay. Its a must read piece. Econbrowser on […]