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  • The Human Swarm and the End of Conventional Warfare

      Palestinian Children Gather as Human Shields (Source) Irregular Warfare: Exploiting Morals and Values of the Enemy Recently, Israel was pushed towards deferring launching airstrikes against Hamas, to retailiate against continuing rocket attacks against Israel. Hamas was able to effectively leverage the use of human shields to deter Israel, as reported by AP in “Palestinians […]

  • Hezbollah Political Victory, Israel’s Military Stalemate?

    Introduction: Situation on the Ground  I’ve been abstaining from commenting on the Israel-Hezbollah conflict since so many other bloggers and analysts are providing better coverage. But, the analysis from StratFor is very fitting (from "Special Report: The Ground Offensive" 08/01/06): As we have said before, the strategy looks more like the way the Japanese defended […]

  • Israel in Lebenon: A Wider War Involving Syria, Iran and the US

    Summary While intentional or not, Israel’s incursion into Lebanon (aimed at Hezbollah) is now a proxy war against Iran via Hezbollah and Hamas, a violent mirroring of the US-Iran maneuverings in the UN and in Iraq. The incursion also demonstrates how powerful the Iranian hand is with Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Sadr and others in […]