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  • Hezbollah Political Victory, Israel’s Military Stalemate?

    Introduction: Situation on the Ground  I’ve been abstaining from commenting on the Israel-Hezbollah conflict since so many other bloggers and analysts are providing better coverage. But, the analysis from StratFor is very fitting (from "Special Report: The Ground Offensive" 08/01/06): As we have said before, the strategy looks more like the way the Japanese defended […]

  • Israel in Lebenon: A Wider War Involving Syria, Iran and the US

    Summary While intentional or not, Israel’s incursion into Lebanon (aimed at Hezbollah) is now a proxy war against Iran via Hezbollah and Hamas, a violent mirroring of the US-Iran maneuverings in the UN and in Iraq. The incursion also demonstrates how powerful the Iranian hand is with Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Sadr and others in […]