Designing the Future: Foresight Resources

Designing the Future: Foresight Resource

This is an early work in progress.

Here, I collect some of the foresight resources I have found during the course of my research. I intend to eventually create a place where non-practitioners can learn about foresight and incorporate it into their work and thinking.

Future Scenarios

  • WEF Global Strategic Foresight Community
  • Centre for Strategic Futures
    Part of the Strategy Group, Prime Minister’s Office, Republic of Singapore

Toolkits and Processes

  • New Framework Foresight Graphic
  • Arup Drivers of Change
  • Connect, Scan, Focus, Act Methodology
    Creating the School of the Future
    Modeling Language Spotlight: Scan Focus Act
    Design — Convening for Action

Online Course Training

  • Introduction to Design the Future 
    Human-Centered Innovation for Exponential Times by the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University by Peter Scupelli fall semester 2014.